The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 389

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 389 – At this time, Elaine Ma heaved a huge sigh of relief before she patted her chest and said, “It’s a blessing! It’s really a blessing today! I was almost destroyed by Justin today…”

Claire Wilson Wilson looked at her before she said helplessly, “Mom, can you have a conscience whenever you do anything in the future? Can you not be so materialistic and foolish? I don’t know what we would have done earlier. If not for Charlie Wade, we’d both be d**d today!”

Elaine Ma knew that she was wrong but she said in a reluctant manner, “What’s the matter? I’m also a victim in this matter! Besides, this incident only happened because of Charlie Wade! Everything started from Charlie Wade! If he did not provoke Jason in the first place, then we wouldn’t have encountered this kind of danger at all. This is all Charlie Wade’s fault!”

Claire Wilson Wilson was really angry at this time and she yelled,

“You’re really unbelievable!”

After that, Claire Wilson Wilson pushed the door open and she got out of the car before heading into the house immediately.

When Elaine Ma saw Claire Wilson Wilson running into the house in a hurry, she hurriedly opened the car door before she chased after her.

Charlie Wade also hurriedly followed behind without saying anything.

After getting into the house, Charlie Wade realized that his father-in- law was not at home. Therefore, Elaine Ma said to Claire Wilson Wilson, “Claire Wilson Wilson, please make sure not to tell your father what happened today, okay? Do you hear me?”

At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson asked her, “Why? Didn’t you say that you weren’t in the wrong? Do you have a guilty conscience?”

Elaine Ma retorted at this time, “Why would I have a guilty conscience? I just don’t want your dad to be worried! We’re both fine now, so what is the point of telling him about this matter and making him angry and worried for no reason at all?”

Claire Wilson Wilson replied, “If you still refuse to admit your mistake in this matter, then I’ll definitely tell Dad about this matter so he can judge who’s right and who’s wrong!”

Elaine Ma hurriedly said, “Okay, fine. I admit that I made a mistake, okay? All of this is Jason’s fault! Who would’ve actually expected that he’d even have d***y thoughts about an old woman like me? He even said that he’d give me a Mercedes-Benz S520! I didn’t even have a chance to drive it yet!”

When Claire Wilson Wilson heard Elaine Ma talking about a Mercedes-Benz S520, she quickly asked, “What Mercedes-Benz 520 are you talking about, Mom? What’s going on here?”

Elaine Ma realized that she had said something wrong and she hurriedly explained, “Oh, Jason called me and told me that he wanted to apologize to us. He also said that he would like to give me a Mercedes-Benz so that I would have a car to drive myself around the city. I thought about it and since both you and your dad already own your own cars, I thought that it would be great for me to have my own car too. At the same time, I thought that you would also be able to get some money out of the renovation job. That was the reason why I agreed to meet him!”

After that, Elaine Ma added, “But the only reason why I did all this was because of you and our family!”

Claire Wilson Wilson was very angry and she said, “Can you stop saying that you are doing this for me or our family? Can you stop making up all these excuses to justify yourself? If not for Charlie Wade, I’d be d**d today! You would be d**d too! Moreover, we would’ve died horrible deaths without anyone finding us. If both of us are gone, how do you expect Dad to live on in this world all by himself? Charlie Wade risked his own life to save us but you didn’t even thank him ! Mom, do you know how disappointed I am in you?”

When Elaine Ma heard Claire Wilson Wilson’s accusations against herself,

she immediately sat down on the ground and started crying and screaming.

“Oh my g*d! Why is my life so miserable? I only have one child in this life and she’s actually pointing a finger at me and scolding me! What’s the point of me living in this world? There is no point for me to continue living in this world. Just let me d*e already!”

As usual, Elaine Ma thought that if she kept crying, Claire Wilson Wilson would definitely compromise and give in to her.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson did not have any intentions of compromising at all today.

She looked at Elaine Ma in disappointment before she said, “Mom, why do you do this every time you make a mistake? Why do you refuse to confess and admit to your own mistakes even when you know it’s your fault? You’re always hoping that others won’t hold you accountable for your actions and if anyone does do so, you’ll keep crying about how miserable your life is just so you’d be able to get out of it. Do you really think that other people would always accommodate your actions and forgive you without pursuing the matter further?”

Elaine Ma continued with her performance and she kept crying and wailing. “I feel so bitter right now! MY own biological daughter is talking to me like this. Doesn’t she know that her parents are greater than anything else on earth? No matter what a parent does wrongly, a child should never blame her own parents! Tell me, how am I going to continue living in this house in the future? I can’t live here anymore. What is the point of staying alive?”

Claire Wilson Wilson shed a few tears before she said, “Mom, if you’re going to act like this all the time, then I’m going to move out of this house with Charlie Wade. I still have some savings and it won’t cost me too much to rent a one-bedroom apartment…”