The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 324

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 324 – Charlie Wade shrugged helplessly before he took the cheque out of his

pocket and handed it over to Elaine Ma. “Mom, here’s the cheque.”

Elaine Ma took the cheque excitedly, and filled with joy, she ran directly to the registration counter.

When Charlie Wade saw the anxious and excited expression on Elaine Ma’s face, he knew that Elaine Ma was planning to keep the balance of the money. He sighed before he headed back to the ward.

After Charlie Wade had arrived at the ward, Claire Wilson Wilson asked

out of curiosity, “Did my mom manage to catch up to you?”

Charlie Wade nodded before saying, “Yes, mom wanted me to give her the

cheque so that she could pay the hospitalization fee instead.” “Okay.” Claire Wilson Wilson could only nod helplessly.

She had always known that her mother was very materialistic. Moreover, she was always greedy for money! Claire Wilson Wilson knew that Elaine Ma would definitely have all sorts of ideas in her mind, and she would definitely be up to no good since she already knew that there was a refund of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars from the cheque.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson could not say anything. After all, she understood her mother’s character and personality very well. If Claire Wilson Wilson did not allow her to do as she pleased, her mother would most certainly cry and act as though her life was very miserable in front of her.


At this time, Elaine Ma hurried over to the registration counter before placing the cheque in front of the cashier and said, “I am here to pay for Jacob Wilson Wilson’s hospitalization fee.”

The cashier nodded and opened Jacob Wilson’s file so that she could look through his hospitalization information. After that, she said, “You can pay a deposit of twenty thousand dollars today. We will charge you again if there are any extra charges, and we will refund you if there is excess payment at the end of his hospitalization.”

“Okay.” Elaine Ma could not hide her excitement as she pushed the cheque toward the cashier and said, “You can use this cheque to pay for the deposit, and you can transfer the balance of the money into my personal bank card.”

Having said that, Elaine Ma took out her bank card and handed it over to the cashier as she said, “You don’t need to rush. Just make sure that you transfer the balance into this bank card.”

The cashier nodded before she picked up the cheque. However, the cashier was stunned when she glanced at the cheque.

Elaine Ma was also surprised when she saw her reaction, and she thought that the cashier was just trying to make things difficult for her.

Getting annoyed, she asked the cashier, “What’s wrong with you?! Hurry up and proceed with the payment and transfer! I am rushing because I have something else to do after this!”

The cashier quickly regained her senses. When she saw the frustrated and furious expression on Elaine Ma’s face, the cashier also felt a little annoyed. Then, she threw the cheque at Elaine Ma before she said, “I think you must be a patient from the psychiatric department. Aren’t you?! Why else would you pay for a hospitalization bill with a one hundred million dollar cash cheque? You didn’t take your medicine today?”

“What? One hundred million dollars?” Elaine Ma frowned before lowering her head and picking up the cheque from the ground. After glancing at the cheque, Elaine Ma was utterly shocked by the number of zeroes written on the cheque!

Elaine Ma muttered to herself as she counted the number of zeroes on the cheque.

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million, one hundred million…”

Elaine Ma was shocked and she blurted out, “It’s one hundred million! This is a one hundred million dollar cash cheque!”

The cashier could not hide her anger any longer and said, “Are you insane? Do you truly think that you would be able to fool me with this fake cheque? Do you believe that I will dial 110 right now to report you for fraud? You must be insane!”

Elaine Ma came back to her senses and was so shocked that she was already breaking out in cold sweat.

Oh my G*d!

Something terrible had almost happened to her!

How could this one hundred million dollar cheque even be real?

Her daughter had clearly said that the cheque was for one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. Therefore, this one hundred million dollar cash cheque unmistakably belonged to Charlie Wade!

That stinky brat! He was already so used to lying to the rich and powerful people that he must have gotten addicted to lying! How could he carry a fake one hundred million dollar cash cheque around with him?! He had almost gotten her into trouble!

Elaine Ma did not know if Charlie Wade did it intentionally or unintentionally. However, she was certain that she had evidence of his deceit now.

Who gave him the courage to lie to her?! Elaine Ma was very annoyed and she knew that she would have to confront Charlie Wade in front of her daughter so that she could see this cheque for herself!

No matter what it was, she had to make sure that her daughter divorced this big fat liar today!