The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 299

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 299 – Everyone on the scene was shocked when Charlie Wade unlocked the Aston Martin ONE-77 with the smart bracelet key.

They could only exclaim in their hearts: The Aston Martin ONE-77 actually belonged to Charlie Wade!

Jason was also dumbfounded at this time. What was happening?!

Wasn’t Charlie Wade just a broke son-in-law?

How could he possibly afford to buy such an expensive car?!

Jessica was also stunned. “This… this is unbelievable. How could this man possibly afford to buy an Aston Martin ONE-77 when he was such a poor and useless man?”

Then, Charlie Wade led Claire Wilson Wilson to the passenger seat before smiling and saying, “My dear wife, why don’t you get into the car? I will take you for a spin!”

Claire Wilson Wilson looked at Charlie Wade with a confused expression on

her face as she asked, “Charlie Wade, is this car really yours?”

Charlie Wade nodded. “Of course. The key is already in my hand. Why would I lie to you?”

After saying that, Charlie Wade quickly whispered into her ear, “Wife, to be honest, Graham lent this car to me so that I can experience driving this car for a short while. I deliberately pretended that this car belonged to me because Jason was provoking me earlier! Please do not expose me in front of him!”

Truth be told, Charlie Wade was not very interested in these two cars because he felt that they were too showy. Moreover, if Douglas had not told him that his wife was here today, he would not even have bothered to come here to collect these cars.

Besides, Charlie Wade understood his wife’s personality. She would never

want to drive such a showy car out on a daily basis.

That was the reason why he made up that lie. After taking his wife on a drive in this car so that she could experience it for herself, he would hand the two cars over to Luke for safekeeping.

When Claire Wilson Wilson found out the truth, she was instantly relieved.

She was really afraid that Charlie Wade would continue giving Feng Shui advice to rich people because she was afraid that he would eventually get into trouble.

Since someone else was just lending him the car so that he could experience it, she did not need to worry too much.

As she thought about it, Claire Wilson Wilson felt a lot more relaxed, and she was also curious to find out more about the Aston Martin ONE-77.

Even though Claire Wilson Wilson was not a vain or materialistic woman, she also wanted to sit in and experience such a luxurious sports car for herself.

Therefore, she bent over slightly before settling inside the passenger seat of the super luxurious Aston Martin ONE-77!

Charlie Wade did not get into the car immediately. Instead, he simply looked at Jason and Jessica before he said, “A piece of trash will always be a piece of trash. You should go back and make more money before you come out and embarrass yourselves again!”

Having said that, Charlie Wade got into the driver’s seat before turning

on the engine.

Within a few seconds, the sports car’s powerful engine roared throughout

the entire exhibition hall.

Claire Wilson Wilson had never driven such a luxurious car before. After getting into the car, Charlie Wade sat in the driving position and swallowed hard before gripping the steering wheel excitedly as he started the car.

The top luxurious Aston Martin ONE-77 slowly rolled down the slope on the other side of the booth as Charlie Wade drove out of the exhibition hall.

The powerful roar of the engine caused a huge sensation in the exhibition hall.

Jason was completely stunned. Did the car truly belong to that piece of trash? What was going on?!

Jessica was also pale as she thought about it. She had insulted Charlie Wade so much earlier, but he actually owned two of those super-luxurious sports cars?

She could not help but mutter, “No, this is impossible! How could the useless son-in-law of the Wilson family afford to buy those cars? How did he get hold of the car keys?”

Jason could not accept reality either. Gritting his teeth, he said, “That

piece of trash must have stolen the car keys!”

Luke was very angry when he saw that these two idiots were still insulting Charlie Wade at this time. They were indeed asking to d*e!

Luke turned around and stared at Jason and Jessica before yelling angrily, “You have already offended Mr. Wade, and you are still barking like a mad dog here?”

Then, he quickly instructed the security guards, “Hit him hard!”

Jason was immediately knocked to the ground with three punches and two kicks from the security guards. After that, they grabbed his hair before punching him in the face repeatedly until his face was completely swollen.