The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 297

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 297 – Jason was extremely frightened, but he was also very furious and angry at this time.

He had gotten beaten up in the convention and exhibition center that he owned, and he even had to kneel and apologize to the person who had beat him up. Most importantly, he was beaten up and humiliated in front of

Claire Wilson Wilson. This was the biggest humiliation that he had ever suffered in his life!

However, Jason knew that he could not afford to provoke the Quinton family. Therefore, he could only curse at Charlie Wade in his heart.

He felt that all of this had only happened because Charlie Wade was the one who had challenged him to touch the car. As a result, he had been beaten up and humiliated in front of Claire Wilson Wilson. He had to exact revenge on Charlie Wade! He had to make him pay for what he had done today!

At this time, Luke quickly ordered the security guards, “Okay, stop beating him already.”

The security guards stopped hitting him immediately. The security guards working for the convention and exhibition center had already been badly beaten up, and they were all lying on the ground.

Charlie Wade stared at Jason who was sitting on the ground and smiled as he said, “Mr. Grant, it seems as though you really have no way of touching those two cars at all!”

Right then, Jason hated Charlie Wade to d***h, and he honestly did not expect him to continue provoking him at this time. Jason glared at Charlie Wade as he cursed, “Charlie Wade! You are the reason why I am suffering this humiliation today! I will make sure that you pay for this!”

Charlie Wade smiled as he replied, “What? Did I do anything wrong?”

After that, Charlie Wade looked at Claire Wilson Wilson who was standing next to him before asking, “My dear wife, please tell me whether I did anything wrong?”

Claire Wilson Wilson felt a little embarrassed at this time because she was placed in a tough spot. She had indeed been very annoyed and angry when Jason was ridiculing Charlie Wade earlier. However, she truly did not expect things to turn out like this.

The reason why she did not lose her temper at Jason earlier was simply that she was hoping they could still collaborate on the refurbishment of the exhibition center.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson was filled with disgust when she finally saw Jason’s true colors. Therefore, she looked at him seriously before she said, “Mr. Grant, you were the one who started provoking Charlie Wade in the first place. You were also the one who insisted on touching the car, and that is the reason why you got beaten up. What has this got anything to do with Charlie Wade? I hope that you will be able to tell right from wrong and stop causing trouble for Charlie Wade!”

When Jason realized that Claire Wilson Wilson was also filled with resentment and looking down on him, he glared at Charlie Wade, gritting

his teeth as he yelled, “You useless piece of trash! I will teach you a lesson.”

Charlie Wade looked at him in shock as he asked, “What did you call me?”

Jason replied, “I called you a useless piece of trash! Are you deaf?”

At this time, Jessica, who was standing at the side, also chimed in and said, “Charlie Wade, you are nothing but a useless son-in-law who is living off his wife and her family. You should be glad that Mr. Grant is only calling you a piece of trash.”

Charlie Wade was not mad at all. He simply smiled before saying, “You said that I am just a useless piece of trash, but it seems as though you cannot touch those two cars at all, even getting beaten up because you wanted to do so. Why don’t you tell me who is truly the piece of trash?”

The crowd of people burst into laughter as soon as they heard Charlie

Wade’s words.

The expression on Jason’s face was extremely ugly at this time. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Don’t act as if you will be able to touch the cars if you want to. Why don’t you show me whether you will be able to touch the cars?”

Jason thought that he would be the one fooling Charlie Wade this time.

If Charlie Wade fell for his trick and tried to touch the cars, he would certainly get beaten up as well.

When that happened, Jason would be able to save a little bit of face for himself.

However, Charlie Wade unexpectedly replied very calmly, “What is the point of simply touching the car? Would you like me to test-drive the car for you instead?”

“Hahaha!” Jason sneered immediately. “Test-drive? Who do you think you are? You are just a useless piece of trash and you actually think you will be able to test-drive those cars today? If you could even touch the doorknobs on the cars, I will admit defeat immediately!”

Jason was not afraid to challenge Charlie Wade because Luke and his men were all guarding the cars anyway. If Charlie Wade actually tried to touch those cars, he would certainly get beaten up too!

Charlie Wade smiled and pointed at the Aston Martin ONE-77 in front of him before he asked Claire Wilson Wilson, “Wife, would you like to take this car out for a drive? If you want to, I will bring you on a drive right now!”

As soon as she heard Charlie Wade’s words, Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly pulled him aside before whispering, “Charlie Wade, what are you doing? Do you really want Mr. Grant to win?”

At this time, Jason struggled to stand up before sneering at Charlie Wade. “Charlie Wade, what are you trying to prove? Do you even know anything about this car? Did you know that there are only seventy-seven units of these cars in the world and that none of them are available for sale in the market? You are dreaming of driving this car when my dad has not even sat in this car before!”

Charlie Wade shrugged as he replied, “This is my car. Why can’t I take it for a drive?”