The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 288

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 288 – If Jasmine was able to bring back the magical pill, Lord Mooore felt that he would surely be able to get rid of all his current trouble and ailment, and he would be able to regain the feeling of being as strong as he was ten or twenty years ago as soon as he had eaten the medicine that Charlie Wade had prepared.

When Jasmine came into the living room with the magical pill in her hand, Lord Mooore struggled to sit upright as he asked in a trembling voice, “Jasmine, did Mr. Wade give you the medicine?”

Jasmine nodded before handing the pill over to her grandfather. “Grandpa, this is the pill that Mr. Wade has concocted this time. You should take it as soon as possible!”

“Good! Good! Good!” Lord Mooore repeated it several times in excitement. “Did Mr. Simmons take the pill?”

“Yes, he took it,” Jasmine replied. “Mr. Simmons only ate half of the pill according to Mr. Wade’s prescription. However, even with just one half of the pill, all of his old injuries and illnesses were cured immediately! It was simply amazing.”

Lord Mooore became very excited when he heard her words. “That’s amazing!

Hurry, bring me a glass of water! I want to take the medicine now.”

The maid hurriedly brought him a cup of warm water.

All the members of the Moore family stood in front of the old man because they were all curious to witness the miraculous healing moment.

In fact, all the descendants of the Moore family hoped that the old man would be able to live for a few more years so that he would be able to continue protecting and looking out for them. Therefore, they sincerely hoped that the old man’s health and physical condition would improve greatly after taking the magical pill.

The old man quickly swallowed the pill with the warm water. After taking the pill, Lord Mooore could immediately feel a burst of energy sweeping through all the meridians in his entire body.

Lord Mooore felt as though someone was repeatedly injecting him with a burst of energy, and he tried to stand up without relying on his wooden cane.

Everyone around him was very anxious as they were afraid that the old man would fall. Therefore, they were all prepared to step forward and catch him if he fell.

Unexpectedly, the old man stood up effortlessly!

He did not need to use any strength or force, and he stood up without shaking at all.

Lord Mooore could feel a surge of power in his legs, and he immediately summoned the courage to start walking.

He took his first step forward without any hesitation at all.

No hurry, no panic, no tiredness, no rush, no shaking, and no breathlessness at all!

Everyone was shocked by this!

Wasn’t he a d***g man just a few days ago? He looked like a middle-aged person now!

Lord Mooore quickly regained his strength and control over his own body. He was so excited and quickly tried to walk a few more steps, and each of his steps was fast and steady!

This made him extremely excited, and he laughed as he exclaimed, “This is amazing! This is simply amazing! Mr. Wade is really a G*d!”

Then, Lord Mooore turned around to face Jasmine as he said seriously, “Jasmine, if I can get a good son-in-law like Mr. Wade, I will be able to live at least until I am a hundred years old! Your father, uncle, brother, and yourself will also be able to live a long and healthy life! Once our family can live up to a hundred years old for three consecutive generations, we will be a very strong family that can not be shaken at all!”

Jasmine was stunned.

Her grandfather was a d***g man, but Charlie Wade had saved his life. Even after saving his life, her grandfather had still been very sick and exhausted.

Yet, as soon as her grandfather had taken the medicine prepared by Charlie Wade, it seemed as though he was twenty years younger in an instant! It would not be surprising if her grandfather lived for another twenty years! By that time, he would have become a centenarian!

How many centenarians were there in this world? Very few!

Moreover, if the head of a wealthy and prestigious family could live beyond a hundred years old, it would be very good fortune for the family because the family would be able to grow under his guidance.

As soon as the head of the family died, there would immediately be fallouts and internal fights amongst the members of the family.

There had been so many cases where families fell apart after the head of the family passed away because the descendants could not agree with one another. Thanks to Charlie Wade, the Moore family would be able to continue prospering for at least another twenty years!