The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 274

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 274 – Graham put on a sullen face and said earnestly, “Darling, before long, Master Wade will be so successful that he’ll spread his wings and soar into the sky like a proud eagle! Until then, all the families in Aurouss Hilll, no, even families across the country will curry favor with him.

They’ll send their most beautiful and charming daughters into his embrace! Baby, you have to seize the opportunity when you deliver the materials to him!”


Aurora blushed a timid red. “Dad, what are you talking about… I don’t understand… what opportunity…”

“Yes, go on with your act,” Graham squinted at her and teased. “I can see that you admire him very much, don’t you?”

Aurora lowered her head shyly, her face now as red as a cherry tomato. She nodded slightly.

Graham continued, “I have a hunch that a real master like Master Wade will not stay in the small den of the Wilson family for too long. One day, he’ll leave them. So, you must act fast! Establish a good relationship with him as soon as possible. You can even start building the foundation of your feelings!”

Then, Graham looked towards the sky and sighed. “If our family is able to get an amazing son-in-law like Master Wade, our family’s fortunes will prosper and flourish in the next century! At that point, we’ll realize our ancestors’ aspirations and make the Quinton family the top in the

country! Our ancestors will be so proud and pleased with the family’s achievement!”

Aurora shuddered when she heard her father’s determination and wiped off

the shyness on her face.

Her father was right. This was not as simple as love and passion.

This was the key for the family to break through the cursed chain of fate and change their fortune!

It was such a precious and rare opportunity for their family to change their fortune!

Many families had flourished and disappeared within a span of a century, but there were also many families that had survived a century without being able to progress further.

The Quinton family was the latter!

If they could grab the chance and ride Charlie Wade’s bandwagon into

success, they would prosper like a super family!

This was really an excellent opportunity that might not come in a century!

Extraordinarily, the chance seemed to descend into his hands. If he could marry his daughter to Charlie Wade and make him his son-in-law, the Quinton family could change their family fortune and blossom!


The strong sense of mission in running towards Charlie Wade right away had already set her heart. Therefore, she hurriedly said, “Dad, go ahead and prepare the ingredients! I’ll deliver them to Master Wade tomorrow!”

Graham nodded knowingly and said, “Put on a nice, pretty dress and a little makeup. Although my daughter is not Aphrodite, you’re definitely a gorgeous woman. You’ll be even more dashing if you dress up!”

Aurora blushed shyly again, but she nodded and said in a serious tone,

“Dad, don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”

“Tomorrow, when you see Master Wade, tell him that the Quinton family respects him very much and will always be at his service whenever he needs our assistance. Besides, tell him that we’ve been in the medicinal ingredient business for nearly a century. Whenever he needs anything, he can just tell us and we’ll fulfill his orders!”

“Moreover, please ask him if he can give us a magical elixir. We will be very grateful for it! I believe that he will not refuse your request when you say that!”