The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 263

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 263 – In the next second, everything was a blur. The figure of the man dressed in white was now a phantom as he flew towards Charlie Wade.

As soon as the man dressed in white punched the air, a wave of air set off around him as he forced the rain around him to disperse backwards involuntarily.

Whenever the rain drops touched his fist, the rain would immediately turn into steam.

“He was prepared to k**l!”

Zachary was horrified and he wanted to crawl and hide under the car.

At this time, Loreen, who had just been pulled into the car by Claire Wilson Wilson, was also so frightened that she was holding her breath. She was extremely nervous and anxious at this time because she was afraid that her savior would d*e here today because of her.

Even though Claire Wilson Wilson was also feeling very nervous, she felt that Charlie Wade would definitely be able to defeat the two men.

Charlie Wade simply glared at the man dressed in white with a cold expression on his face.

He was not afraid of the deadly glare in the man’s eyes at all. As soon as the man dressed in white got closer to him, Charlie Wade grabbed the man’s fist before twisting it a hundred and eighty degrees!

There was the sound of the crackling of joints, which was then accompanied by the violent howls from the man dressed in white. His entire palm was completely dislocated and deformed and his bones and veins were all broken. His entire wrist was drooping at this time.

“Elder brother!”

The sturdy man on the ground yelled immediately.

Charlie Wade did not even look at him but he simply stepped on the man’s

face again.


The sturdy man’s chest hit the ground as he swallowed a few mouthfuls of muddy water. After that, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and his body shook uncontrollably for a short period of time before he suddenly stopped moving completely.

“Brother!” The man dressed in white felt as though he was going to collapse anytime soon. He felt that his eyes were about to pop out of his socket and he gathered all his strength to go in for the last blow.

At this time, the man dressed in white squeezed his right hand into the shape of an eagle’s claw before he flew around in the air, leaving the afterimage of a dozen hand shadows in the air.

However, Charlie Wade did not move at all.

The man in white suddenly rushed at Charlie Wade, as he prepared himself to a****k Charlie Wade in the eyes with his finger.

He had already concentrated all of his energy onto his finger so that he would be able to k**l his enemy with just one blow!

He was prepared to poke Charlie Wade in the eyes socket and he was certain that this concentration of energy would pierce right through Charlie Wade’s eyeball, and since it would be pierced so deeply into his eye socket, he would be able to pierce through Charlie Wade’s brain!

Moreover, he was confident that this concentration of energy would

shatter Charlie Wade’s brain like a watermelon!

At this time, Charlie Wade simply glared at him with a cold expression on his face as he laughed.


Charlie Wade raised his hand and casually slapped the man across the face. No one knew that Charlie Wade had actually accumulated a lot of reiki in his palm and that this slap was in fact more ferocious than a car c***h!


The man dressed in white fell to the ground as soon as Charlie Wade slapped him!

There was d**d silence all around them.

Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but rub her eyes vigorously in disbelief.

Zachary was also stunned.

Were these two men really the Butcher Brothers?

Their strength seemed a little inconsistent compared to the rumors that he had heard!

How could someone as powerful as the Butcher Brothers fall to the ground when Charlie Wade slapped him?

How was this possible?

The man dressed in white collapsed to the ground and he was shocked when he found out that he could not get up.