The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2315

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2315 – “Oh!” Claire exclaimed. Only then did she realize that Charlie had made a surprise a****k on herself. She hurriedly pretended to be horrified and said: “Ah! I was kindly fed to the puppy, but the puppy Bite!”

Charlie opened his mouth, eating strawberries, and said vaguely: “Okay, say that my husband is a puppy, then what are you?”

Claire snorted proudly and said “I am feeding a puppy, and of course I am the owner of the puppy!”

Charlie smiled, “If I were a puppy, then you would be the bone in my mouth.”

Claire smiled, “Where is it?” You use a metaphor like this, you compare people to bones.”

Charlie said seriously, “Don’t you know that a puppy is the most protective of food? A bone is in your mouth, and the sky will not loosen when the sky falls. Who dares to follow it? Rob, it must fight hard!”

Seeing Charlie’s seriousness, Claire was very touched and couldn’t help but said shyly: “If this is the case, then I will forcefully be a bone and let you take it well. Go ahead!”

Charlie laughed and said, “Don’t just talk and eat some fruit first.”

Claire nodded, picked up two more strawberries, put one in Charlie’s mouth, and then himself Then he put the second one in his mouth and took a bite.

Charlie looked at her computer screen and found that a very large prototype of the design drawing had been constructed in the design software. He couldn’t help but ask her: “My wife, you have to do the design drawing for such a big project? “

Claire said: “It’s not true. What I am doing now is a sketch, because there is no need to make a very detailed design plan when bidding, mainly to reflect a general idea.”

“When we wait for the bidding, we need to give this design plan and a more detailed decoration budget quotation to the past, but my studio now has relatively few staff. For such a large project, everyone has to move on, so I will come Mainly responsible for drawing, others focus on integrating suppliers of various materials and actuarial project costs. This amount of engineering is really huge. At least hundreds of suppliers have to be connected to thousands of single products.”

Charlie Nodded, and said distressedly: “Don’t be too tired, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.”

Claire smiled and said, “Don’t worry, just these few days, after finishing these few days, package and hand in the entire tender document. , And then waited for the internal review of the Emgrand Group. If it passes, I will quickly expand the recruiting team. If it fails, it will be considered a practice.”

Claire said seriously: “If my project is completed, then You won’t have to work so hard in the future and make money alone to support the family.”

“Our family’s overall expenses are now very large, and the villa property costs are more than 100,000 a year, let alone other things.”

“My studio earned money before. Most of the profits of the company have been invested in expansion, and have not been able to subsidize the family and cannot share it for you, so this time I have to strive to win this project and make some contributions to the family!”

Charlie understands Claire’s character very well. She has never cared about money, and she has no requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation. The reason why she wants to work hard to start a business and make money is ultimately because of her family.

So, he said softly from the bottom of his heart: “Wife, thank you!”

Claire said seriously: “I want to thank you. For so long, you have been supporting me at home. Mom and dad are holding you back.”

Charlie said hurriedly, ” What are you talking about? It’s natural for the husband to make money and support the family. In the first three years of marriage, I didn’t make a penny, so I washed and cooked at home. You never disliked me, and now I have to bear a little more and it is nothing.”

Claire smiled and said sincerely, “The most important thing is that we can always understand and tolerate each other like this. It is more meaningful than making money. Just like before, although you don’t make a penny, you always do housework. I’m well organized and take care of me in all aspects. This is more important than making money.”


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