The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2291

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2291 – Zara said: “I want to go back and find a master to do some calculations and see if he can give me some hints.”

Fitz couldn’t help laughing: “Didn’t you just finish saying that you didn’t believe this?”

Zara said seriously: “There is no other good way, it is better to give it a try.”

After that, she asked Deana: “Mom, is there any famous master in Eastcliff? Don’t you always go to the temple to worship Buddha and donate incense money? Do you know any good monks?”

Deana said seriously: “Don’t talk nonsense, the eminent monks practice Buddhism, and fortune-telling is a matter of Taoism!”

Zara asked hurriedly: “Then do you know a capable Taoist master? I’ll go and beg him to have a look!”

Deana thought for a while, and said, “I really don’t know this. I haven’t asked someone to start a divination for many years. The last time I asked someone to start a divination, I was about the same age as you.”

With that, she couldn’t help but think of Bruce, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

Afterwards, she said to Zara: “Right, I heard that the Wade family built the ancestral tomb some time ago and specially invited Orion Exeor, a descendant of the Exeor family from the United States. Your grandfather and Orion Exeor also have some personal relationships, you If you really think of it, you can ask your grandfather to ask if Mr. Exeor is still in Eastcliff.”

“Mr. Exeor?” Zara frowned and asked: “Why haven’t I heard of him? Is he amazing?”

Deana said: “Mr. Exeor is the heir of the Exeor Dynasty Fengshui master Balig Exeor. He should be the most powerful master in the world today.

Zara exclaimed: “Are you serious?! Then I’ll call Grandpa and ask!”

After speaking, he quickly took out his mobile phone and called Grandpa Lord Thorne.

As soon as the phone call, she will ask Lord Thorne on the other end of the phone: “Grandpa, my mother said you know a Master Exeor who is proficient in five elements and fortune telling?”

Lord Thorne asked in surprise: “Zara, what do you want to do with this?”

Zara blurted out: “Grandpa, I want to find my savior, but there has been no progress, so I want to find a breakthrough with the master.”

Lord Thorne said: “Master Exeor has already returned to the United States some time ago.”

“Ah? Going back?” Zara said disappointedly: “When did he go back?”

Lord Thorne said: “It didn’t take long. He went back just a year ago. After he came to China, he stayed in Wade Mountain for more than three years. He should have wanted to go back a long time ago.”

Zara said with great regret: “It’s so unfortunate…what should I do…Grandpa, do you know other masters?”

Lord Thorne said: “Master knows a lot, but the only person who can truly be called the word “Master” is Master Exeor.”

After speaking, he said again: “In this way, let me ask Master Exeor for you. If he wants to, he can directly help you out.”

Zara asked in surprise: “Grandpa, is what you said is true?”

Lord Thorne smiled and said, “Can Grandpa lie to you? The main reason is that Master Exeor is old and has a weird temper. If he is willing to help this, I dare not promise you.”


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