The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2290

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2290 – Zara said without looking up, “There is no progress. I haven’t found him in the video yet.”

Deana said earnestly: “Some things depend on fate. If fate is not there, no matter how you find it, it’s useless; if fate is there, if you don’t go to him, he will also appear in front of you.”

Zara said without hesitation: “I don’t want to give the initiative to things to fate. It’s too unreliable. There are so many people in the world, except for the neighbors at my doorstep. Two people who have met by chance in a foreign country. People, the chance of meeting again by chance is almost zero. If I don’t take the initiative to find him, I’m afraid I won’t find him in this lifetime.”

After that, Zara said in a sad tone: “Human memory itself is not so good. No one can remember it. Many things can only be remembered more clearly by deepening the memory repeatedly, just like memorizing texts when I was young. same……”

“In the few days I just came back from Japan, the appearance of your benefactor was quite clear in my mind, but after so many days, his appearance has become more and more blurred, although I have always wanted Memories to deepen the impression, but in fact it still doesn’t work. I’m afraid I’ll forget what he looks like after a while…”

Speaking of this, Zara raised her head, looked at Deana and Fitz, and asked: “Mom…Brother…Have you two ever felt this way? The more you Want to remember what a person looks like, the easier it is to forget?”

Fitz thought for a while and said, “Also, if you see it often, you can’t forget it. It’s this kind of person who has only seen it once. It won’t take long, and I really can’t think of a specific look in my mind. There is only a vague outline left.”

Deana also nodded and said, “Zara was right just now. People’s memory needs to deepen to keep it in mind.”

When she said this, what she thought of was Bruce. She loved Bruce so much in her life, but in the nearly twenty years since Bruce’s d***h, if it weren’t for looking at Bruce’s young photos every day, Bruce would gradually blur her mind.

Thinking of this, she sighed inwardly, and immediately asked Zara: “Zara, can you describe to your mother, what does your benefactor look like?”

Zara thought for a while, and said, “One word is handsome; two words are very handsome, three words are very, very handsome, and four words are very cool and handsome…”

Deana couldn’t help laughing: “Is there such an exaggeration as you said?”

Zara said seriously: “Mom, I’m really not exaggerating at all. He looks very handsome, not only handsome, but also cool!”

As he said, Zara put his chin on and said with an idiotic look: “At that time, Iga Kaminori took a bunch of ninjas to k**l him, but he k****d them in three or two strokes, Iga Kamin. Shinobu was scared to d***h at the time, and asked tremblingly who he was. Guess what he said?”

Deana shook his head and asked: “What did he say?”

Zara stood up, Charlie, the imitator at the time, said coldly: “He said, I am your father and want your life!”

Deana smiled and said, “This person is quite arrogant.”

“More than arrogance!” Zara said seriously: “It’s not just arrogant! I, Zara, grew up so big, and I have never seen such a confidant person! I didn’t put those Japanese ninjas who k**l people without blinking in my eyes. K*****g them is like cutting melons and vegetables, it’s really amazing!”

As she said, she continued with a little annoyance: “The point is, this guy doesn’t have a good face with me and my brother. I asked him to borrow a cell phone to call Dad. This guy said nothing about personal belongings. Borrow it, it’s so bad!”

Deana smiled and said: “People must be guarding you, and don’t want you to know his mobile phone number, and then trace his identity.”

“Yes!” Zara said in a loud voice, “I think so too! He is very sophisticated, and he doesn’t leave any clues! Before I left, I said goodbye to the rivers and lakes, and he even said to me that he would never see me again. Now that I think about it, I’m still very angry! It’s really hurting my self-esteem! So I must find him and ask him face to face, are you not coaxingly saying that you will not see you again? Seeing this lady again, how do you feel in your heart ?”


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