The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2288

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2288 – “Good young master!”

Charlie couldn’t help but feel a headache after hanging up the phone.

He found that there seemed to be a strong and strange magnetic field between himself and the Banks Family.

Although he has been waiting for the opportunity to ask the Banks Family to question the anti-leaf alliance and make the Banks Family pay the price for the anti-leaf alliance, but since this period of time, he has not gone to the Banks Family to settle accounts, and has had various encounters with the Banks Family one after another. .

First, accidentally rescued two children of Banks’ Family in Japan, namely Fitz and Zara, but when Charlie rescued them, they didn’t know that they were Zayne’s children; then in the hospital in Tokyo, He passed Zayne again, but Charlie at that time didn’t know that the man close at hand was Zayne.

Otherwise, with Charlie’s temper, even if he didn’t k**l Zayne on the spot, he would at least be impotence first, and then remember his appearance and settle accounts with him slowly; then, what Charlie didn’t expect, It was after returning from Japan this time that Xion, the assassin of the Banks Family, happened to be k****d. What’s more damning is that after saving her, Charlie discovered that this girl was the illegitimate daughter of Zayne!

At this point in the whole matter, Charlie has saved Zayne, one son, two daughters and three children once! The key is that these three people are all his mother’s children! One after another, because of chance and coincidence, saved the enemy’s child. For Charlie, this kind of fate made him feel powerless to complain.

In the end, who would have thought that I wanted to take a look at the old house today, but I met Zayne’s wife, Fitz, and Zara’s mother Deana! What’s more crazy is that Deana seems to have loved his dad for many years…

Thinking of this, Charlie was already a big head, and couldn’t help but exhale a sullen breath: “This is all the crazy. What a bad thing!”

Therefore, he secretly vowed in his heart that when he confronts Zayne in the future, he will not only make him pay for the Anti-Leaf Alliance, but also make him pay for saving his three children!

At the same time, Deana was also looking for Charlie by any means. However, she knew very little about Charlie’s situation, so she didn’t know how to proceed.

Although the old housekeeper has been in Aurous Hill for many years, because the Thorne Family is considered to be in a high position after all, and his daily style is low-key and cautious, he, as the representative of the Thorne Family in Aurous Hill, is relatively restrained.

Although he also knows many local high-level officials, he rarely pays attention to things in the market, so he can only ask people for a while, starting from Bruce’s car accident that year, first look at Bruce’s car accident. The list of orphans accepted by the orphanage and the orphanage, as well as the local adoption records registered at the time, tried to find relevant clues about Charlie.

As far as the contacts in Aurous Hill are concerned, although he has a solid foundation, he is still far behind Isaac Cameron.

As the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill, Isaac Cameron’s most important task is to establish a solid foundation in Aurous Hill. Therefore, Isaac Cameron’s connections in Aurous Hill have always been very high-profile and direct, and are all-round development, far ahead of the old housekeeper of the Thorne Family.

Therefore, when the old housekeeper started investigating Charlie’s related clues, he had already received the news and then reported to Charlie. When Charlie heard that they had to start with the orphanage and adoption records, he immediately felt relieved. Normally, there is nothing wrong in this direction.

But the point is that this line was cut off by Stephen Thompson as early as when his parents had just passed away.

Stephen Thompson cut off all his clues, and even the orphanage he lived in was operated secretly by his people, so no matter how the outside world checked it, they couldn’t find any results. Now, Deana wanted to start from here to find himself, only idiotic dreams.


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