The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2280

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2280 – She looked at Charlie. She wanted to talk, but couldn’t say anything.

Seeing her completely stunned, Charlie didn’t tell her any more. He put the phone into her hand and said to Caesar, “Caesar, your friends and partners in the future, if you need to use etiquette. Miss, remember to take care of Wendy’s business, do you understand?”

Caesar said without saying a word, immediately: “Master Wade, don’t worry, after Miss Wendy opens, I will help her publicize it! There are more or less thin noodles on Aurous Hill Road, and my friends will definitely give this face down, and ensure that Miss Wendy’s etiquette company will be too busy for business at that time!”

He said, he hurriedly said again: “Yeah. Master, tomorrow is the anniversary celebration of the opening of several ktv under my umbrella. I just want to invite a group of etiquette ladies, then I will ask Miss Wendy to help!”

Charlie asked him with interest: “Oh? What a coincidence? Opening anniversary celebration?”

“Yes!” Caesar smiled: “Why don’t you say that Master Wade is a real dragon on earth? No matter who is okay, you will sneak around you in secret!”

Charlie knew him. It must have been deliberately flattering myself to please myself, but I didn’t say much, and instead said to Wendy: “Wendy, tomorrow you must arrange all the activities of Caesar here. This is your new company. For the first business, try to be a good start!”

Wendy nodded hurriedly and said: “Brother-in-law, don’t worry, I will definitely arrange it!”

Charlie said to Caesar, “You people on the road, do things rather rough. , The overall quality is not very good. Tomorrow the lady of etiquette will go over, you must take care of their mouths, hands and feet, and don’t provoke any lady of etiquette, do you understand?”

Caesar immediately said, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, who His mother dared to make a bad idea to Miss Wendy’s people, and I k**l him immediately!” Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said to Wendy: “Oh yes, I have one more thing to ask. you.”

Wendy hurriedly said: “Brother-in-law, you say!”

Charlie said seriously: “Today, don’t tell anyone, including your grandma, your parents, and your brother, including your sister Claire, do you understand?”

“Huh?” Wendy asked in surprise: “Brother-in-law, why can’t you tell me? You have helped me so much. Grandma, father and brother will definitely appreciate you when they know about it…”

Charlie faintly Said: “I don’t need them to be grateful, nor do they need to be flattered, and I am not helping you to make you feel me, but because you are indeed better than before, and you can call me brother-in-law sincerely. You respect me. I respect you, that’s all.”

Charlie said again: “As for your grandma, your father, and Harold, I don’t want to have any unnecessary involvement with them. Doing more is not as good as doing less. So only you know and I know about this. If you leak it to them, then I can only stop all this, do you understand?”

Wendy felt a little disappointed when she heard this. But he had no choice but to honestly nod his head and said: “Good brother-in-law, I know, don’t worry, I won’t talk about this to anyone…”

Charlie looked at Caesar again, and said coldly. Said: “The same is true for you. They are all tight-lipped. If anyone dares to say that Wendy is my sister-in-law, or that I brought this company from Lloyd to her, I will send him to raise a dog. Experience in the field!”

Caesar and the others all looked tense and hurriedly agreed.

Charlie was satisfied, and said: “Okay , let’s just go, I’ll go first.” After speaking, Charlie turned the accelerator, and the little eBike quickly jumped out.

Seeing that he was gone, Wendy was so busy shouting from behind: “Goodbye brother-in-law! Thank you brother-in-law!”


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