The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2271

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2271 – It was the first time Lloyd met someone like Charlie.

No fights, no scolding, and a smile on his face, he looks more civilized than anyone, but a mouth is to eat human bones. Fifteen and five million? How can he get so much money?

Regardless of whether he has opened a ceremonial company, he has been buying and selling all the time to make good prostitution. He does not make less money, but for people like him, the more money he makes, the more he spends.

Originally, these people who once wandered into the gray world all have a natural instinct to be drunk now and rich, not to spend more time.

Therefore, although Lloyd usually makes a lot of money, he does spend a lot of money outside.

He can make at least a few million in a year, but he can’t hold back his spending money and extravagance, so he will have at most 1.8 million in his hands at the end of the year.

All of Lloyd’s savings were only three or four million. At this time, Charlie asked him to return 15.5 million as soon as he opened his mouth. He couldn’t make that much money even if he sold his kidneys.

So he cried and pleaded: “Master Wade, let me tell you the truth, I really don’t have so much money…”

Caesar kicked him when he heard this. Scolded: “F**k! Don’t you want to face? Master Wade gave you a solution to the problem, you are still crying poorly here? Do you have to be satisfied if I punish you?” Lloyd trembled: “No. …. Brother Caesar, I’m really not crying poor, I really can’t pay that much money…”

Caesar scolded: “If I can’t pay, I just put it. ! you break your two legs!”

Lloyd scared the whole body flick, immediately glared Teresa, angry curse:” your fault this b***h, I stir up trouble all day long to net out “!

Then he has to Charlie said, “Master Wade, this Teresa Fay handles all matters concerning the Overlord Clause. You have to find her to settle the accounts!”

When Teresa Fay heard this, her whole body was frightened, and she hurriedly said: “Lloyd! You are too shameless? These things are all your ideas. I’m just a subordinate who runs errands for you and helps you out. You Give it to me at this time, do you have any conscience?”

After that, she hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this etiquette company was made by Lloyd. I used to accompany wine in KTV. Miss, it was he who accepted me as a lover, and then said that he took me to make money, so he lied me into this business. Strictly speaking, I am a victim just like Wendy!”

“F**k your mother” ! “Lloyd blurted shouted:”? Teresa, you’re missing here loading white lotus, his mother what stuff, Aurous Hill trail who does not know you f*****g not that come out to sell it?! You sold out too, even if Now, when you see your mother Sang making money, you want to stand on your own. You jumped out and wanted to dig the corner of the previous mother Sang. You committed a big taboo!”

“People threaten to destroy your face with sulfuric acid and drive you to desperation.” You just ran over to beg me to protect you and beg me to take you out of the circle!”

“If it weren’t for me, you would have been d********d a long time ago! At this time, you even ran out to bite me back. No conscience?”

Teresa Fay said in a flustered manner: “You…Don’t talk nonsense, these are all made up by you!”

Charlie shouted coldly at this time: “Shut up all of you!”

Teresa Fay frightened she had to shrink her neck and immediately closed her mouth.

Charlie glared at her, and said coldly: “Miss Teresa, it doesn’t make any sense to throw it away in a hurry. When I and Lloyd finally settle the account, I will naturally give you a lot of calculations.”

Teresa Fay hurriedly knelt down in shock. , Begged: “Mr. Wade, I…I was really forced…please see that I am a woman, don’t be like me… “


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