The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2269

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2269 – She was patient and waited for fifteen minutes on the spot Fifteen minutes later, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class finally drove to the parking lot at the entrance of Pearl River.Following the s-class sedan, there were two 11-seater vans. At this time, the two vans were filled with people holding machetes. The direction of the vehicle was coming from behind Charlie. Lloyd in the car saw Teresa Fay, and then immediately realized that the man sitting in the electric car in front of Teresa Fay with his back to him should be with Teresa Fay. The yelling guy.

He was very disdainful to secretly: “A sling who rides an electric bike, dare he f*****g pretend to be with me? It just happens to be itchy hands today, so I will practice it with you!”

However, when I think of Teresa Fay, this sling is one. He put down his six little brothers, and he was a little drumming in his heart.

He thought to himself: “What if this guy is really good at fighting, what should I do if I meet him ?” Thinking of this, he looked at Caesar beside him and said flatly, “Brother Caesar, I will pay you back later. You have to work hard to help me out. Since the beater was abolished, the people on the road have not recognized me or given me face in the past few years. Unlike you, you can become the four heavenly kings by Don Albert. , In the whole Aurous Hill, who can’t give you face…”

Caesar was very proud of his praise, and said with a smile: “Lloyd, it’s just a small hanging silk, dare to look down on you, just look down on you I, wait a while, brother, I will give you a good breath!”

After speaking, the driver stopped the car beside Charlie.

Caesar pushed the door directly and got out of the car, staring at the back of Charlie’s head, and cursed coldly: “Let me see which one is not long-eyed who dare to offend my brother Lloyd!”

At this time, Caesar was already standing behind him. More than twenty little brothers.

Several of them belonged to Lloyd, but most of them belonged to him.

When Teresa Fay saw that Lloyd had really brought Caesar over, she became excited and jumped and smiled at Charlie: “The surname is Wade, you’re f*****g d**d today! You’re waiting to be chopped into meat by Caesar Hilton!”

Wendy said nervously, “Brother-in-law…they are so many people…”

Charlie curled his lips and said lightly: “What’s the use of more people?”

Caesar didn’t hear Charlie’s voice, so he said furiously: “Boy, you are very arrogant! Even Lloyd doesn’t look at me, I think you are tired and crooked!”

Charlie turned slowly at this time After turning around, looking at Caesar, he smiled and said, “Oh, it turned out to be Brother Caesar, why? With so many brothers, is this going to cut me down?”

Caesar saw Charlie’s smiling face , His soul frightened suddenly!

He never dreamed that the commoner that Lloyd asked himself to help teach, turned out to be Master Wade, whom his boss Don Albert highly respected!

“This…Isn’t this a f*****g dog? Isn’t this…”

Caesar cried out in his heart, and his legs became weak involuntarily. Immediately afterwards, he knelt on the ground with a plop in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, and choked: “Wade…Master Wade…I really didn’t expect it to be you here… . Please also your adults have a lot, don’t be like my stupid dog…”

Lloyd was so stupid, he blurted out: “Brother Caesar…you…how do you give this i***t respect to kneel down? What kind of thing is he!”

Caesar immediately became angry with Lloyd when he heard this! He struggled to stand up, stepped forward to Lloyd, rounded his arms, and slapped his face with a slap in the face! With a snap, Lloyd was beaten back for several steps, his whole person was already dizzy, his eyes were staring.


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