The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2267

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2267 – The brawny men around Teresa Fay had already been gearing up. Their company, which specializes in gray areas, wants to make money entirely on performance. Teresa Fay’s performance depends entirely on how many little girls she deceived, and then how much value she squeezed from these little girls. The performance of their thugs depends on how many times they move their hands.

In layman’s terms, if there is no chance to do it for a month, they can only get a basic salary. But if there are fights every day this month, they can get at least tens of thousands of wages. They can all see this business today. Teresa Fay already has 500,000 in Alipay. If they try to teach the mentally retarded guy in front of them, they will have at least 20,000 or 30,000 of the 500,000.

Therefore, as soon as they heard Teresa Fay’s order, they immediately stepped toward Charlie and pressed them, and each of them was going to take action.

Charlie smiled lightly on his face. Not to mention a few thugs, even a few martial arts masters like Xion are not enough in front of him. So, he directly greeted him with a smile.

Kicked one with a bang, knocked another with a punch, and then lifted a strong man with both hands, and threw his arms lightly, leaving the two of them to the side of the road. In the green belt, they fell unconscious.

When the two remaining people saw that Charlie was cutting melons and vegetables, they easily eliminated their 4 companions, and they were so scared that they turned around and flee. But before they turned around, Charlie grabbed the back of their necks, and then, they all turned into two parabolas and flew into the green belt on the side of the road.

Teresa Fay looked silly. She never dreamed that this hanging wire riding an electric bike could be so powerful. This kind of strength is even more powerful than those famous red sticks on the road! At this time, Teresa Fay realized that she was making trouble today.

So, she hurriedly said with a grin: “Mr. Wade, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that I offended you. Don’t mind. I will transfer the 500,000 back to you!”

Charlie smiled. “Don’t, six minutes have passed. The principal is 500,000 and the interest is 3 million. You have to give me 3.5 million in total.”

Teresa Fay said with a sad face, “Mr. Wade, you laughed… the total is only 500,000. , You have to charge half a million in interest for one minute. There is no such ruthlessness at home and abroad…”

Charlie smiled and asked her: “Why, haven’t you seen it?”

Teresa Fay shook her head and said: ” Mr. Wade, I have never heard of such a high interest rate…”

Charlie nodded, “Okay, then you have not only heard of it, but also seen it with your own eyes. I advise Don’t talk nonsense, otherwise, it will increase by 500,000 soon.”

Teresa Fay wiped her cold sweat and said embarrassedly: “Mr. Wade, don’t tease me. You also work for the company. Although you paid the money, I, I’m still going to give our boss when I look back. I’m a part-time worker, how can I get so much money to pay you…”

Charlie said calmly: “Then you just call your boss. Come here, but don’t blame me for not reminding you in advance, if your boss takes 20 minutes to come over, the interest will have to increase by another 10 million.”

Teresa Fay was overjoyed when Charlie said to call the boss. The reason why she pleaded for mercy to Charlie was because she couldn’t deal with him alone.


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