The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2264

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2264 – “I’m not going!” Wendy blurted out: “You are a crime in broad daylight! I want to call the police to catch you!”

“Call the police?” Teresa Fay came up and slapped Wendy, yelling: “You f*****g Thinking that the police can bluff me? Tell you, I see too many hooves like you! I have ten thousand ways to k**l you!”

Wendy blurted out: “You are too bullying. Now it’s a society under the rule of law! How can you allow you to be so foolish!”

Teresa Fay sneered, “What about bullying you? What my mother likes to do is bullying! I tell you, Mr. Lloyd has a name and a surname on Aurous Hill Road. Number one, if you dare to be dishonest, not only will you not end well, your family will also not have good fruit!”

Then she said again: “Wendy, don’t blame me for not reminding you, nothing else Say, just the contract you signed and drew in my hand, I can sell it to the debt collection agency at any time for one hundred and two hundred thousand. When the time comes, people from the debt collection agency will come to you every day. The house blocks you and forces you to pay back the money. If you don’t pay, they will eat and live in your house every day, splash paint on the walls of your house, no matter where you go to work, they will go to the place where you work and go to d***h, you If you don’t d*e, you have to pick up layers!”

Teresa Fay’s etiquette company was originally a gray group in Aurous Hill. Their mode of operation is to first use normal cooperation to lure the little girls in, then trick them into signing a sales agreement, and then use the sales agreement to firmly control them. Plain looks usually become their coolies. With the lowest compensation, they help them to be hostesses everywhere, desperately squeezing, and some even run three or four activities a day.

And those who look better are basically forced to go to ktv to be a princess or lady, and some are even forced to go on the road of dust.

Teresa Fay feels that Wendy’s appearance is indeed excellent. If you control her and send her to a high-end club, you can create at least 50,000 or 60,000 benefits in a month, which is definitely a cash c*w.

She was also worried that Wendy had a lot of dreams , so she hurriedly said to those people: “Quickly, get her in the car!” Several strong men immediately grabbed Wendy and dragged them into the car.

Wendy was so scared that she couldn’t possess her body, and blurted out, “Help! Kidnapping!”

Some passers-by heard it and immediately looked over. Teresa Fay hurriedly said loudly: “Don’t get me wrong, we are from Aurous Hill Etiquette Company, a formal enterprise!”

“This girl is one of our employees. Her family had an accident some time ago and her parents had a car accident. Our boss kindly loaned her to her. 500,000 to see a doctor, but she did well, and quietly took the money to gamble!”

“If you lose all the money, she left her parents in the hospital regardless. We are going to take her to the hospital to see her d***g. Parents, see if you can reawaken her conscience!”

When everyone heard this, they didn’t know who to believe.

At this time, Teresa Fay whispered to the people: “Get in the car!” The people immediately dragged Wendy to the door, and she was about to push her into the car.

Wendy was frightened at this time, and her heart was desperate. She knew very well that once she got on the car, she was on the thief ship. It was very likely that she would not be able to get off in this life because she was desperate and did not know what to do. When it’s good, I suddenly heard a familiar voice whispering coldly: “Let her go!”


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