The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2263

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2263 – Wendy heard Teresa Fay’s words and asked in surprise: “Ms. Teresa, didn’t you just say it? The money for the activities is the money for the activities, and the basic salary is not included!”

Teresa Fay said, “What you think is really beautiful. I tell you, Mr. Lloyd said that in the future, all courtesy ladies must settle monthly, so starting from today, you will work for the company steadily. As long as you have completed 28 activities, next month 15 I will send you a basic salary of five thousand!”

Wendy’s expression suddenly became embarrassed, and she said: “Ms. Teresa, one event is two hundred, twenty-eight events should be five thousand and six hundred. The company uses five thousand to pack it, which is equal to me.

“I have to do three games for the company for nothing every month.” She said, she said very embarrassedly: “I have a tight hand recently, and I can’t accept this kind of cooperation on a monthly basis. Or I will not sign it.”

“What? Don’t sign?” Teresa Fay sneered: “Wendy, do you think that the lady of etiquette has hardened her wings after working for a few days?”

Wendy shook her head and said religiously: “Ms. Teresa, I didn’t mean that, I think this cooperation is really not suitable for me.”

Teresa Fay snorted and said seriously: “Wendy, let me tell you, you have signed the contract. At this time, if you want to break the contract, you must bear the responsibility for breach of contract!” Wendy realized that she had been deceived, so she hurriedly asked Said: “What is the responsibility for breach of contract?”

Teresa Fay raised the contract in her hand and sneered: “This is clearly written in black and white. You are voluntarily signing a contract with the company. If you voluntarily breach the contract, you will have to pay the company 500,000 dollars in liquidated damages, otherwise, the company has the right to sue you in the court!”

Wendy’s heart squashed when she heard this, and hurriedly pleaded: “Ms. Teresa, I rely on two hundred dollars to support my family every day. I beg you to see that there are still two patients who are p*******d in bed in my house. Raise your hand and void that contract.”

“Void?” Teresa Fay sarcastically said, “What dream do you want? You can also make this contract void. First bring me 500,000 in liquidated damages!”

Wendy said: “Ms. Teresa, if I can get half a million, I won’t come to do this job.”

“You!” Teresa Fay sneered and said: “Listening to you your tone, it seems that I feel this It’s a shame to work?”

Wendy hurriedly shook her head, “I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to say, I really can’t pay that much money.”

Teresa Fay screamed, “You f*****g can’t get the liquidated damages and you’re still here to haunt the Lady. Wrong? If you can’t pay the penalty, you can work honestly with the Lady! The contract period of this contract is three years, three years, thirty-six months, and you must do 28 games every month. Otherwise, one less game and one thousand deductions until all deductions are made!”

“What?!” Wendy cried anxiously and blurted out: “Aren’t you cheating? It’s less than two hundred per game. For money, I will deduct 1,000 for one game missing. If I do 23 games a month and miss five games, don’t you want to deduct all my 5,000?” Teresa Fay glared at Wendy and laughed. “You should be grateful that the contract is only deducted, and you are not compensated. If you are compensated, if you do not count, you will have to lose the company money!”

Wendy blurted out: “You are too dark. I’m not doing it! I won’t fulfill the contract!”

“Non fulfilled?” Teresa Fay sneered, “If you don’t fulfill it, you will return to the company with me and give the company an IOU of 500,000!”

Wendy was anxious and asked. “Why?!”

“Why?” Teresa Fay curled her lips in disdain, turned around and beckoned to a car at the door. In the car, four strong men of five big and three thick came out and directly surrounded Wendy.

Teresa Fay scolded the brawny men: “Take her into the car and get her back to the company! I don’t believe it anymore. I can’t stop her from being Wendy!”

“Good Ms. Teresa!” He immediately responded, he even led someone to rush forward, grabbed Wendy’s arm tightly, and yelled: “Honestly follow us in the car, otherwise you will feel better!”


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