The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2259

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2259 – Just when Xion was so excited about the good fortune that Charlie sent her to, and at the same time came to the door for Charlie as a son-in-law, Charlie said indifferently: “If you have any needs, directly talk to Isaac Cameron. He will help you implement it, I will leave first.” Xion said quickly: “Young Master Wade, I will send you off!”

Xion sent Charlie to the door of the room, and Charlie said: “Stay.”

Xion nodded respectfully, bowed deeply, and said gratefully: “Young Master Wade, thank you!”

Charlie smiled slightly, “Don’t worry about it.” After that, he walked away.

Seeing Charlie’s back figure out of his administrative district, Xion felt a panic in her heart.

She closed the door and murmured involuntarily: “Master Wade really has great magical powers. My mother and grandpa have taken me to practice hard for so many years, and they have never given me such good luck. Even grandpa himself has not been able to get The Ren Vessel to reach Mastery, but, in front of Master Wade, all of this seems to be completely effortless. If it were not for Master Wade’s help, I would not have reached such a realm in this life…”

Thinking of this, Xion There are tears from the eyes. The Elms family are all martial idiots. Her greatest pursuit is martial arts in her life. Xion’s grandfather’s greatest wish is to one day open up the four meridians and restore the glory of the Elms family.

It’s a pity that he is now in his old age, and he still can’t find a way to break through. Over the years, as he grows older, his strength has been somewhat uncontrollable decline, and there is no hope for a breakthrough.

Originally, Xion’s mother, Kairi, was the most promising descendant of the Elms family. At a young age, she was infinitely close to breaking through the third meridian.

At that time, her grandfather concluded that Kairi would surely achieve a breakthrough within five years, becoming the first person in the Elms family to break through the three meridians before the age of thirty in nearly a hundred years.

But it is a pity that at the most critical stage, she was seriously injured to save Zayne. The most serious thing is that she lost an arm for Zayne.

In martial arts novels, there are often one-armed heroes, such as the one-armed g*d Ni, Princess Corr, and the magical sculpture hero Yen Go. But those are all martial arts works after all, and they cannot be true. The real masters of the inner family do not have the ability to fly over the wall and fight cattle in the air. What they rely on is external and internal hard work. No matter how the inner strength of the inner masters is trained, the real transformation into the lethality against the enemy depends on the limbs.

One of the limbs is missing, and the strength is directly lost by a quarter. This still does not consider coordination. In fact, if a person loses one arm, the ability of the other arm will be greatly compromised due to lack of coordination. Therefore, even though Kairi is a martial arts genius, her talent can never make up for her body’s shortcomings. Therefore, her strength has no room for improvement over the years.

It can be said that the revitalization hope of the entire Elms family rests on Xion. Although her surname was Banks, the Elms family never regarded her as an outsider. She is of the Elms family’s flesh and blood, grew up in the Elms family since she was a child, and practiced the Elms family’s Aikido, so she is the heir of the Elms family.

When Kairi gave birth to Xion in October, Patriarch Wilfred’s first thought was that the child was born with the surname Elms.

Anyway, she is the illegitimate daughter of Zayne, and the Elms family is not going to let Zayne know about this. Naturally, it is reasonable and natural for her to have her surname. However, Kairi insisted that her surname be Banks. The reason is that Kairi’s feelings for Zayne in his heart. She felt that even if she quietly gave birth to Zayne’s child, she was not going to tell Zayne, but out of respect for Zayne, she still wanted the child to follow his surname Banks.

Kairi’s father, Wilfred, couldn’t help her, so he could only compromise. However, Wilfred also made a request that Xion could not have the surname Elms, but if she gave birth to a boy in the future, she must have a surname Elms.


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