The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2255

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2255 – Xion is unwilling to a****k her biological father and half-brothers and sisters, not only is Charlie not unhappy, but he feels a little relieved.

In fact, if a person can really a****k his brothers and sisters, or even his biological father, Charlie must have a strong guard against such people.

Because in his opinion, no matter how bad a person is, he cannot be without humanity. If a person is truly without humanity, then even if he obeys his own words today, he will still be able to stab him directly into his heart tomorrow.

Therefore, in his opinion, although Xion has destroyed the Matsumoto family, she is still not inhuman. The reason for this move is to execute orders. Just like a soldier, no matter what orders his superior commander gives him, he, as a qualified soldier, must obey. Otherwise, he is not a qualified soldier.

So Charlie didn’t have any opinion on this, and he said, “We both have a deep hatred with the Banks Family. You hate Lord Banks. I hate Zayne. You need Lord Banks to give you an explanation. I also need Zayne. Give me an explanation, so the two of us have to work together as hard as we can to face the Banks Family.”

Xion hesitated for a moment, and asked: “Master Wade, you hate my father because of the rebellion back then. What about the alliance?”

Charlie nodded and said coldly: “Back then, Zayne held high the banner of the anti-Wade alliance and organized a group of people to target my father with all their strength, although I still don’t know about his father’s d***h. How much does the Anti-Leaf Alliance have to do, but just the words Anti-Leaf Alliance, he is my enemy!”

Xion asked again, “Master Wade, then you will k**l my father because of the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then. ?”

Charlie thought for a few seconds, and said with a serious face: “If Zayne’s anti-leaf alliance was not the direct m******r of my parents, or did not directly participate in the m****r of my parents, then I would not k**l the Matsumoto family like Zayne.

If he kills the innocent indiscriminately, I will punish him reasonably according to his actual crimes.” At this point, Charlie’s expression flashed coldly, and he sternly said: “However, if he has something to do with my parents’ d***h, To shirk the responsibility, then I must take his life and use his neck to pay homage to my tragic parents!”

Xion nodded gently. Although, 10,000 in her heart did not want Charlie to meet her own father in battle one day. But she also knew in her heart that she didn’t have the ability to control this matter, let alone the qualifications to control it.

Not only was Charlie much stronger than her, but Charlie even saved her life, and she was not qualified to intervene in any decision he made to avenge his parents. Therefore, she can only pray silently in her heart, praying to her father Zayne, and don’t be the culprit who k****d Charlie’s parents. Otherwise, with Charlie’s strength, it would be easy to k**l him.

Thinking of this, Xion looked at Charlie and pondered over and over again. She still asked: “Young Master Wade, when can I contact my mother?”

Charlie said, “Not for the time being, wait a minute, mainly Your current identity is too sensitive. The news about you is raging throughout Asia. The Japanese government is also eager to arrest you and convict you. If the news that you are still alive leaks out, I will not be able to keep you.” After that, Charlie said again: “I suggest you wait patiently. When the time is right, I will let you contact your mother.”

Xion nodded gently, and said respectfully: “Good Master Wade, I’ll follow your instructions from everything.”

Charlie hummed, and said: “These days, you will have a good rest here.”

Xion said hurriedly: “Good Master Wade.”

Charlie thought of something and asked curiously: “Oh yes, when I came in just now, I saw that you were training?”

Xion remembered that she was only wearing sports underwear. The look of the tube top and the sports shorts, she nodded in embarrassment, and said, “Master Wade, I usually practice every day.”

Charlie asked curiously, “You martial arts masters, you usually practice Kung Fu. What do you mainly practice during the time?”

Xion answered truthfully: “I practice the Aikido handed down by the

Elms family every morning.” Charlie asked curiously: “Aikido? Is it unique to the Elms family? “

It doesn’t count.” Xion replied truthfully: “Actually, Aikido is the inner boxing, and the inner boxing is not unique to the Elms family.”

Because Bruce has the inheritance of martial arts, Charlie was a child. He studied Wing Chun with his father in the Wade family.


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