The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2254

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2254 – Xion said embarrassedly: “I’m sorry Young Master Wade, I you shouldn’t interrupt you just now, you continue.”

Charlie said: “But not long after, the media found out Your father Zayne flew to Australia overnight. Then the media changed the direction of the wind. In fact, it was not your grandfather Lord Banks who betrayed you, but your father Zayne, saying that he betrayed you because he wanted to k**l you and hide you. It is the illegitimate daughter’s secret that will be buried forever.”

Xion said palely: “This is not impossible.”

Charlie asked her, “Which one do you believe more?”

Xion thought carefully. After a few minutes, he said, “Master Wade, I believe it was Lord Banks who betrayed me.”

Charlie looked at her with great interest and asked: “Oh? Why?”

Xion said seriously: “I have been with my father for several years. Although he has a very fierce workmanship, he has a deep affection for his close relatives. He cares very much about Fitz and Zara. After knowing my true identity, he treats me too. Very caring, I think he shouldn’t k**l me. If he really wants to k**l me, he shouldn’t leave me at Banks’ Family after knowing that I am his daughter.”

After that, she analyzed: “Lord Banks From the outside world, he is a very legendary successful businessman of the older generation. He is kind and purposeful, but in fact, he is a very cruel man.”

“And, his He is cruel, no matter who he is, as long as he touches his interests, he will not let it go! Even his grandson is the same!”

“So, I think Lord Banks is more likely to betray me!”

Charlie nodded in agreement, and said: “My opinion is the same as you. Although I don’t know how the father and son are, but based on the sequence of events and the logic behind it, it is possible that the mastermind is Lord Banks. Even bigger, Zayne went to Australia overnight. In fact, it was a moving target that helped Lord Banks attract firepower. It was also a moving target that could only be beaten, couldn’t fight back, and couldn’t return his mouth.”

Xion sighed involuntarily: “Lord Banks has been in control The Banks Family has great power. Although my father is the eldest son and a quasi-heir, he has no real rights in the Banks Family, because the key figures in every link of the Banks Family are directly responsible to and reporting to Lord Banks.”

“My father is also fundamental. He didn’t dare to cultivate his own power because Lord Banks was extremely sensitive to this matter. If my father cultivated his own power under his nose, he would be furious, and he might even directly deprive my father’s quasi-heir.”

“So, no matter how you look at this matter from any aspect, Lord Banks is definitely behind the scenes.”

At this point, Xion said with a dim expression: “However, did my father participate in it? How much, I don’t know about this. He may not know it from beginning to end, or he may know but he has no objection.”

Charlie asked her: “Next, what are your plans?”

Xion hurriedly said: “If I can’t leave Do I dare to have any plans? When you rescued me, I had already said that everything followed your instructions.”

Charlie nodded and asked her: “If one day, I want you to help me deal with the Banks Family. Are you willing?”

Xion said without hesitation: “To deal with the Banks Family, I am willing! Starting from my mother, and then to me, I have been working hard to serve the Banks Family, and even make sacrifices for the Banks Family all the time. Prepared, but I never dreamed that the Banks Family was so unsympathetic towards us. I must repay this grudge!”

After that, she looked at Charlie and said with a little pleading: “Young Master Wade, can I ask you something?”

Charlie nodded: “You can.”

Xion hurriedly said: “Young Master Wade, you let me deal with the Banks Family, Lord Banks and other Banks Family members. I have no opinion, and I can’t ask for it, but I don’t want to be with my father and my two half-brothers and sisters. Except for the three of them, anyone with the surname Banks is an enemy in my eyes!”


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