The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 225

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 225 – George collapsed to the floor, his eyes filled with despair and agony.

The reason why he was promoted to a senior executive position at such a young age had a lot to do with the strict employment contract that he had signed on his own will.

To strengthen the control of their employees, the Spikeworth Corps had issued a very demanding and biased employment contract which guaranteed a promotion after signing, but they would be fully bound by the company.

The promotion was guaranteed, but they had to prove that they were worthwhile and work hard to be loyal to the company. If they failed their performance indicator or had disagreements, the company would file a huge claim against them.

Many people were afraid to sign such a contract due to its harsh and stern terms and condition, but at that moment, George was a fresh graduate who was full of ego and strived to succeed. Hence, he had signed the contract decisively despite the somewhat unfair consequences.

Indeed, he had been promoted immediately and the company appreciated him very much, but now, the bitter consequences awaited!

Kneeling on the floor, George trembled in disbelief and despair.

He had invested all his life and dedication in Spikeworth Corps, but now, not only did the company want to sue him for 5 million, but Zeke White had announced that he had shunned him…

How could he ever find a job again?! If he had no job, he would have no income, and his life would be in big trouble in addition to the 5 million dollars compensation. There would be no other possibility apart from going to j**l…

He grabbed Zeke’s foot and wailed desperately, “Mr. White, please, please forgive me! Please give me another chance! Please! If you blacklist me, where would I find the money to pay the compensation? Please give me one more chance to prove myself! I’ll do anything for you! I’ll be the s***e of the company, I’ll behave and be an honest man, contributing my entire effort to the company! Please!”

Zeke kicked him away in annoyance and growled, “What’s the use of apologizing now? It’s too late! Do you think the world revolves around you? Do you think that after all this trouble, you can just get away with a simple ‘I’m sorry’? It’s too late, id*ot. If Master Wade ignores me because of you, I’ll k**l you with my own hands!”

George was shaking with fright, his face as pale and ghastly as a ghost. He had never expected that Charlie Wade, a deadbeat l***r in his eyes, had such enormous influence and power in his hands to the point that Zeke would k**l him for him!

If he knew that this was how he would end up, he would have rather knelt before Claire Wilson Wilson when they had first met rather than reject her…

Alas, it was too late now. He was done…

At this moment, Zeke noticed Joanne and Jerry in the office and asked with an irritated frown, “Who are you? Are you his friends or Spikeworth’s employees?”

Joanne and Jerry were utterly surprised, and they quickly said, “Oh! No, no, we don’t have anything to do with George! We don’t even know him.”

How could they admit that they knew him at a crucial moment like this! It was best to cut their ties with him!

Zeke asked suspiciously, “Really? Then why were you in his office, chatting and laughing?”

George said furiously, “Mr. White, they are my collegemates. Failing Claire Wilson Wilson Wilson’s interview was their idea, it was they who provoked me to reject Claire Wilson Wilson!”

George glared at them indignantly. Jerry and Joanne were the main culprits of his misery. They would not get away with this!

Zeke squinted at them in annoyance. “Oh, so it’s a dog fight, huh? Blacklist these two as well!”

Jerry was in jitters. He jumped on George like a mad man and started punching him. “George Harris, you b*stard! How dare you drag me down with you! I’ll k**l you!”


Meanwhile, Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson Wilson had taken a taxi and were on their way home.

Claire Wilson Wilson was unusually quiet and deep in her thoughts. Charlie Wade took her hand and said, “You can always find another job. It’s their loss for not hiring you. In fact, from what I see, the company is too small for your future development anyway. I doubt they can provide a suitable platform for you to outshine yourself.”