The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2245

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2245 – The news about Zayne suddenly dominated all the media headlines. Zara and Fitz were very angry about this. Fitz even went to his grandpa to question the cause several times, but Zara stopped him. Zara knew very well that it was grandpa deliberately trying to protect himself and sacrifice his dad, so going to confront him now would only make him angry.

Instead of this, it is better to be honest and not say a word, and even accompany my mother to Aurous Hill as planned early tomorrow morning. As for how to help her father come back, Zara had her own plan in mind. However, now she has to wait patiently for the opportunity.

At the same time, the Elms family evacuated all the masters in the Banks Family overnight. The Patriarch Wilfred Elms, Xion’s grandfather, directly ordered internally that the children of the Elms family must not do anything for the Banks Family until the Banks Family gave a clear explanation. At the same time, he also called Lord Banks and asked the Banks Family to give him a clear explanation.

Lord Banks promised, but in reality, he didn’t pay attention to him at all. At the moment he just wants to keep his reputation. As for whether the Elms Family will turn his face with him, he doesn’t care at all. After all, after his cooperation with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces was exposed, he knew that no matter whether this matter was carried out by himself or Zayne, the Elms family could no longer serve the Banks Family. That being the case, why continue to waste energy on the Elms family.

This night. Xion, who was under residential surveillance at the Shangri-La, did not know what was happening outside. She was lying on the soft and luxurious big bed in the hotel, tossing and turning, and everything she thought of in her mind was Charlie’s figure. She couldn’t figure out why this man had such a strong strength. Even more can’t figure out why this man saved her life.

“I was, after all, trying to k**l him, he not only did not get back at me, but also saved my life, is that really what people say good for evil?”

“So think about it, the man really be unusually”

the next day early in the morning. A private jet landed in the peaceful ancient city of Aurous Hill. This plane is the private plane of Dalton, the son of Thorne’s family. Deana did not want to take the Banks Family’s plane anymore, so his eldest brother Dalton sent her his own plane.

After the plane stopped, Deana, who was nervous, walked down the spiral staircase, accompanied by a pair of children. In her heart, she has been thinking about Aurous Hill for nearly twenty years. For twenty years, she would s********h Bruce’s name silently every day. When she thought of Bruce, she couldn’t help thinking of Aurous Hill.

Bruce is the love of her life. Back then, Bruce died in Aurous Hill, but now she finally has the opportunity to come to cherish his memory, and it is naturally difficult to calm down in her heart. As soon as a family of three arrived at the arrival hall of the airport, a middle-aged man greeted her respectfully and said, “Miss, you have worked hard all the way.”


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