The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2244

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2244 – At the same time, the house of Lord Banks, the old man. James graciously took a tablet computer, presented media reports and friend comments to Lord Banks one by one, and said with a smile: “Dad, in this way, everyone will never talk about Xion’s affairs. , It’s not on your old man’s head.”

Lord Banks nodded in satisfaction, and he was completely relieved. The older you are, the more you cherish feathers, especially for people like Mr. Banks. He was wise for a lifetime, even the goal and life idol in the minds of countless people. Seeing the age when he is about to retire, if Xion is really overturned in the gutter, then his first-time fame will be lost.

Therefore, deep in his heart, he is extremely eager to be able to shake this black pot out, and the cleaner the better. It’s just that before that, he hadn’t figured out what method he should use to completely shake the pot. After all, what I did was exposed by the National Security Agency of Japan, and all they exposed were facts. I couldn’t argue with anything at all, and I couldn’t refute it at all.

However, he really did not expect that the head of his second son, James, was so brilliant! He originally planned to send his eldest son Zayne to Australia first, and then give the eldest son Zayne all the matter of destroying the Matsumoto family. As for uniting with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to betray Xion, the old man himself did not expect that he would really get out.

However, what James did is really beautiful! He had someone secretly took photos of Zayne boarding the plane, and then sent an anonymous manuscript to the media. Immediately after that, he successfully dumped all the black pots to Zayne! His act of misfortune is simply a textural level! Among them, the clue chain is clear and the story logic is complete. Although most of them are fabricated, they appear to be justified and convincing.

Lord Banks was very happy, after all, his fame was finally completely preserved, which was more important than anything else. He didn’t want to end up infamy at his age, and be spurned by others when he died. So now he is really happy and relaxed.

However, he was not good to praise James directly, so he said with some emotion: “Hey! This matter, I must be wronged and defended!” When James heard this, he sighed and said: “Yes, Dad, this matter. Brother is really going to be a little wronged.”

As he spoke, he turned his words and said seriously: “Dad! But then again, we Banks Family, anyone can lose face, but you can’t lose the face of the old man!”

“Your old man is the mainstay of the Banks Family, the backbone of the seven of our brothers and sisters, and the grandfather emperor who has inherited the genealogy in the hearts of all the descendants of the Banks Family. You must never leave a stain like Xion in your life!”

So, for the sake of your fame and for your glorious image, elder brother will share the worries for you, that should be!” James’s words directly spoke of Lord Banks’s heart!

He could no longer hold back the joy in his heart. While stroking his beard, he smiled and said, “James, you are right! You have done a great job in this matter today, and I will do it for you in my heart. Write it down!”


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