The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2235

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2235 – This night, the entire Eastcliff was shaken. The Banks Family caused a disaster in Japan and was named by the National Security Agency of Japan, which dealt a huge blow to the reputation and influence of the Banks Family. At the same time, other Eastcliff families headed by the Wade family also started gearing up.

The Banks Family now has lost a large number of masters and offended the overseas channels. In the future, the Banks Family will have to tighten up and behave like a man. In this way, other families will have the opportunity to cannibalize the power of the Banks Family.

Lord Wade was particularly excited about this. He felt that this was G*d’s blessing. Wade’s second spring is finally coming! So he summoned all his children except Cynthia and immediately formulated a three-year plan.

From now on, in the next three years, the Wade family will launch an a****k on the Banks Family in an all-round way like the Banks Family organized the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then!

Not only must we pull the Banks Family down from the throne, but we must also take our own strength to the next level, leave the Banks Family far behind, and regain the title of the nation’s first family!

However, Mr. Wade did not immediately start to do it, but chose the day of the declaration of war at this year’s Spring ancestor worship ceremony.

He couldn’t hide his excitement and said to the children: “This time the ancestor worship ceremony will bring the branches of the Wade family across the country to Wade Mountain!”

“At that time, I will use the most solemn ancestor worship ceremony to let all surnames Wade Realize that the Wade family is a large family with an orderly heritage, a super family that was once extremely brilliant! Let all the Wade family members take the surname Wade as the highest honor!”

“By then, the Wade family will be united in an unprecedented way. A moment!”

“By then, at the ancestor worship ceremony, on the grounds of avenging Bruce, I will order all the Wade family to work together to defeat the Banks Family, and ask the Banks Family to severely punish Zayne, the leader of the Anti-Leaf Alliance!”

“The moment when the Wade family is up against the enemy, is the best time for us to fully fight the Banks Family!”

Hearing this, the eldest son, Corran, was already excited and said with excitement: “Dad! At that time, we will too. We must form an anti-Banks alliance! We must knock down the assets of the Banks Family by half! Let them fall directly out of the Eastcliff three-family sequence!”

Elder Wade sneered, “In Eastcliff, there are not a few families that have enemies with the Banks Family. Among them, we have the deepest hatred, followed by the Sun family. If we raise the banner of dealing with the Banks Family, the Sun family will definitely follow!”

“The most important thing now is to let Charlie and Stefanie from the Sun family get married soon!”

“Once the two of them get married, the Sun family will definitely help the Wade family without hesitation! At that time, the Banks Family will be unable to parry and let us slaughter them at will!”

Corran asked, “Dad, didn’t you still say that you wanted to let it go?” Can Charlie try to get that Zara from the Banks Family?”

Lord Wade waved his hand and sneered, “I thought before, after all, the Banks Family is overwhelming us in all aspects. But for them, it’s better to change your mind and not let Charlie pursue that Zara.”

“But who would have thought that the Banks Family would encounter a Waterloo incident one after another in Japan? They are badly injured now, we can directly go to war with them. Marry their girl with Charlie?”

At this point, Lord Wade laughed a few times and said loudly: “Hahaha, G*d has opened your eyes! G*d has opened your eyes!” Myles on the side asked, “Dad, What if Charlie doesn’t want to marry the girl of the Sun family?”

Lord Wade smiled unpredictably: “By then, Charlie will also come to the ancestor worship ceremony. At that time, I will announce it in front of all the children of the Wade family. The plan to avenge the Banks Family, and then let Charlie marry the Sun family to strengthen our overall strength, and to trample the Banks Family underfoot. The parents’ hatred is not shared, I believe he will not refuse!”


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