The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2234

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2234 – Zara hurriedly said : “Mom, then you have a good rest tonight, I will call you tomorrow morning!”

“Okay.” Zara hung up the phone, Fitz on the side said with some worry: “Zara, Dad has always been a little taboo about Aurous Hill. If we go to Aurous Hill with my mom at this time, will he be very angry?”

Zara snorted coldly, “What about being angry? He gave birth to a daughter and took her home ceremoniously and put her under the eyes of our family. How could he not think that our family of three would be angry too?”

After a pause, Zara said angrily: “Really, I want to confront him face-to-face! We went to Aurous Hill with three of us to give him a signal to let him know that it was all his fault!”

Fitz said embarrassingly, “Hurt, this kind of thing, How can we be children?”

Fitz said, “There are so many top rich people in this world. Some of these people don’t play extramarital affairs. Dad was just confused that time. Among these people, it can be regarded as a very good one.”

Zara asked with a very serious expression: “How can you say that? Can rich people be disloyal to marriage?”

Fitz said in a hurry. “Oh, I didn’t mean that. I just said, I don’t think our dad’s plot is very bad. If he admits his mistakes and regrets sincerely, he can still be forgiven. Mom will resolutely divorce him, right? A little ill-considered? After all, the relationship between husband and wife for more than 20 years, coupled with our two children, can’t we give our dad a chance?”

Zara said seriously: “You are a typical scumbag thinking! Go bigger, That is, the views are not right! I ask you, if you get married in the future and your wife cheats on your back, can you forgive her?”

“I…” Fitz said awkwardly: “It’s not such a thing. After all, a man cheating on a woman is not the same thing.”

“Why isn’t it the same thing?” Zara said with a bit of irritation: “Is it true that there is something like male inferiority in marriage? A man can be forgiven if he cheats, but a woman can’t cheat? Fitz! I Know you For the first time in so many years, I discovered that you were so politically incorrect!”

“I tell you! If you make this kind of mistake in the future, even if your wife forgives you, I will not forgive you! I will deny you at that time!”

Fitz was scolded by Zara, and said with an embarrassing expression: “Oh my sister, your mouth is too bad, I didn’t do anything, so why did you become a scumbag? “

“!? this kind of thinking is typical of the slag men feel that they have better thinking quite a lot, you can mess up outside”

“If you really want to do it, that Don’t go after Stefanie. After all, Stefanie is also a lady of everyone. Your kind of scumbag thinking is not worthy of others!”

“I suggest you, in the future, you still want to find someone who is devoted to money and thinking. Marry a female celebrity who has become a wealthy star!”

“When the time comes, you will make an appointment with others for some extra curricular fun: You give her enough money and provide her with a good enough life, and she must not interfere with you outside with any woman. Isn’t this happy for everyone?”

Fitz heard here, his face depressed, said:” You’re right, I was wrong.” then he hastened to change the subject, opening:” Yes, I hasten to arrange the plane, I will go tomorrow morning Take off Aurous Hill!”

Zara saw that he wanted to change the subject, and immediately said aggressively: “Fitz! Respect for women and respect for your partner is a compulsory course and basic skill for every man. If you become a man in the future, Scumbag, I don’t have your brother!


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