The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2232

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2232 – I am afraid that if you are a young man in his twenties, it is difficult to accept this reality immediately when he suddenly hears that his father actually has an illegitimate daughter. Especially Zara. Like her mother Deana, she has a serious emotional cleanliness. Although she has never been in a relationship so far, if something like this happens to her, she will definitely divorce her husband resolutely and resolutely like her mother, without hesitation. Therefore, although she will find it difficult to accept this reality for a while, she unconditionally supports all her mother’s decisions.

At this point, Fitz is more or less machismo. He felt that a man like his father was almost unlikely to be loyal to marriage for a lifetime. Men who are wealthy to the extreme seldom are satisfied with only one heterosexual partner, so it is normal to occasionally get in trouble outside. After all, he grew up in the circle of the upper class, and in this circle he has seen many men’s occasions.

There are illegitimate children and illegitimate daughters, and it’s a lot of people in this circle. It has long been commonplace. The most powerful person he has ever seen is a billionaire who engages in the Internet. He found a lot of women and gave birth to him a lot of children, and he still showed off on social networking sites.

So, in contrast, if his father had just had a one-night stand with his bodyguard and gave birth to a daughter, Fitz felt that his father was already in this circle, relatively low-key and family-oriented. In fact, women in this circle have long been used to such things.

Of course, he did not say this to his mother and sister, because he understands the character of his mother and sister. If he washes the floor at this time, he is afraid that they will be scolded by them.

Zara was very angry inside.

She felt the same feeling for her mother at this time. If she met such a husband, she would definitely leave him without hesitation. So she was on the phone and said to Deana, “Mom, I support You divorcing dad! He made this kind of mistake and kept it hidden for so long. This incident is absolutely unforgivable! I saw him back, and I must ask him in person!”

Deana is not as passionate as her, just indifferent. “Zara, I told you this because you and your brother are both grown-ups. You have the right to know these things, but this is between us. You don’t need to go confront your dad because of this.”

“In addition, after I divorced your dad, you two can choose to continue to live in Banks’ house, you can also choose to live in your grandmother’s house, or you can go out and live by yourself. Mom has no problem.”

In the future, if there is any family gathering at Grandpa’s house, you should all participate as usual. It’s just that your father and I will no longer attend each other’s family meetings. Everything else will remain the same.”

Zara had some Reluctantly said: “Mom! Why don’t you have to confront the woman surnamed Elms for this matter? To seduce someone else’s husband and have the face to give birth to a child, this woman is too much!”

“No need.” Deana Calmly said: “She is also a poor person, I have nothing to blame for her, and you shouldn’t go to her to confront her. Feelings are all personal choices, and there is no right or wrong.”

Zara choked up a bit. Asked: “Mom, what are your plans next?”

Deana smiled: “I have no plans. When your dad can figure it out, he will divorce quickly. If he can figure it out quickly, I will divorce. Go out and relax; if he doesn’t understand for a while, then I won’t spend a while with him, go out first.”

Zara hurriedly said : “Mom, where do you want to go for a relax?” Deana smiled slightly and said Two words: “Aurous Hill!”


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