The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2229

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2229 – James had prepared a set of combined punches. His plan was that the first punch attacked Zayne who couldn’t control his lower body and messed around in the past, causing subsequent troubles; followed by the second punch, he attacked Zayne for being too cruel and must destroy the people. The result led to such a catastrophe.

This first punch slammed into the air, but this second punch hit Zayne’s face firmly. Several other children of the Banks Family, upon hearing this, immediately showed their approval. After all, these things in Japan have nothing to do with them, and now they are also implicated, and they are all caused by Zayne alone.

Zayne’s expression suddenly became very ugly. The order to destroy the Matsumoto family was indeed given to Xion. However, there is one thing he dare not say. At that time, the old man had once instructed himself, and what he meant at the time was to punish the m******r severely.

If it hadn’t been for the old man to set the tone, he might not have dared to give Xion the order to k**l. But Zayne couldn’t say this, nor did he dare to say it. He also knew that as far as the matter of destroying the Matsumoto family was concerned, on the one hand it was indeed an order from him, on the other hand, he was indeed impulsive at the time.

At the time of the incident, Zayne learned that the kidnapping of his children turned out to be Mr. Matsumoto, and Mr. Matsumoto almost k****d Zara and Fitz. Zayne felt angry and unbearable. Matsumoto wanted to k**l his sons and daughters, which in his view was an act of rebellion. If you just k****d Mr. Matsumoto, you wouldn’t be able to express the bad breath in your heart!

Moreover, Matsumoto’s methods at the time were indeed very sinister and vicious! If he only k****d him, the other members of the Matsumoto clan would definitely avenge him, and would definitely use more sinister tricks against him.

Therefore, he decided to let Xion lead the Banks Family master and destroy the Matsumoto family in order to vent his anger on the one hand and to end the troubles forever on the other! However, who knew that after Xion k****d the Matsumoto family, she could not escape!

If she had escaped then, there would be no evidence of this matter. It doesn’t matter if the whole Japan thinks that the Matsumoto family was the one who destroyed the family. There is no evidence. What the h**l do they say?

However, the bad dishes are there. Xion and other Banks Family masters were directly made dumplings by the Japanese Self-Defense Force when they fled Japan. This immediately pushed the whole thing into an abyss that Zayne could not control. .

Now, James attacked him with this incident, and he didn’t know how to respond. James saw that his eldest brother didn’t speak any more, he immediately realized that he had hit the seven inches of his eldest brother, so he hurriedly pursued the victory and said,

“Big brother! We also expect you to lead us and lead the entire Banks Family to create new glory in the future. But, if you can’t control your own temperament and character, the Banks Family is afraid that you will suffer a big loss in your hands in the future!”

“Don’t blame me for speaking straight, I also want our Banks Family to be able to Better! As the future leader of the Banks Family, you must be able to hear different voices, so that our younger brothers and sisters can better assist you, right?”

James’ words came out, Zayne’s face is green!


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