The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 222

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 222 – In the office.

Sitting behind his desk with his legs on the table, George stared at his phone intensely as he flirted with several women on a dating app.

Just then, his phone buzzed, and a text message popped up.

George pursed his lips in annoyance. As he reluctantly opened the text message, he saw that it was the interview schedule from the HR department.

He frowned as soon as he laid eyes on it with a tinge of shock, and then he sneered sarcastically, shaking his phone at the people sitting next to him. “Hey, guess who came to Spikeworth?”

Sitting on the sofa with George were Jerry and Joanne who were here to meet George in hopes of currying favor with him.

Seductive enchantment radiated from Joanne’s body as she sat with her leg crossed in a low-cut body-hugging skirt and her wavy long hair cascading down her shoulders. She checked her nails arrogantly and asked, “Who is it?”

“Charlie Wade Wade and Claire Wilson Wilson Wilson!” George clicked his tongue in disdain and sneered, “Claire Wilson Wilson applied for a job here, that’s weird.”

Jerry asked in a displeased tone, “Why are they here?”

Joanne answered, “Last night, I heard Claire Wilson Wilson say that she and Charlie Wade were kicked out of the Wilson family. She must be looking for a new job since she can’t stay at her family’s company any longer.”

Jerry snorted. “George, last night, that l***r was so cocky and pompous, causing me and Joanne to be beaten up by those crooks. You must take revenge on our behalf!”

George replied contemptuously, “I’ve always found Charlie Wade the l***r very annoying and irritating, and now his wife wants to work here? Dream on!”

He stood up, spruced up his coat, and said flatly, “Just wait and see. I’ll reject Claire Wilson Wilson’s application and kick her out of here!”

Joanne and Jerry plastered a condescending smirk on their faces that said

‘Keep on your pretentious act, losers!’.

George walked out of his office and went directly to the conference room where the interview was being conducted.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, three interviewers were talking to Claire Wilson Wilson right then.

“Hi, Mr. Harris.”

The three interviewers stood up and bowed to George when he walked into the conference room.

George put on a surprised look when he saw Claire Wilson Wilson and

exclaimed, “Oh, hey! Claire Wilson Wilson! Why are you here?”

Claire Wilson Wilson was equally surprised. “Hi, George. Long time no see.”

George nodded with a smile. “Yes, it’s been a while.”

Then, he turned to the three interviewers and said, “You can go out now. I’ll handle this interview.”

“Um, Mr. Harris, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why? Are you saying that I can’t even conduct an interview?” “Okay, Mr. Harris!”

George Harris was the senior executive in the company. The interviewers

didn’t dare to disobey his order, so they quickly left the room.

Claire Wilson Wilson was very puzzled at what had just happened. What was George trying to do? Did he want to accept her application under the counter since he knew her?

“Claire Wilson Wilson, I came as soon as I heard that you were attending

the interview today.”

George spoke as he eyed Claire Wilson Wilson coyly. She was so beautiful and elegant, and her body was so hot. She was so much better than those women on the dating app! It was a pity that she chose Charlie Wade the l***r as her husband!