The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2218

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2218 – The two watched them with gusto and enjoyed it well. Until one day, a female singer sang a cover of a song that could not do without you. When Deana heard the song, her emotions collapsed again, and she covered her face alone, crying to d***h in front of the TV. The lyrics of that song are still fresh in Zayne’s memory.

The lyrics are sung like this: “You opened your arms and melted me, you smashed me with your fingertips, you instigated the situation to take me away, you made waves and abandon us both of us, it’s too unfair, love and hate are all You manipulate. But today, I can’t do without you. Whether you love me or not.”

Selena’s voice is in excellent condition, and when the song reaches the most emotional part, it is simply heartbreaking.

At that time, Zayne saw Deana cry out of control and stretched out his hand to embrace her, but he never dreamed that Deana would not let him hold her. She cried and listened to the entire song, and then locked herself in the bedroom. Cried for more than an hour.

Zayne was in an extremely bad mood at the time. Because he knew very well that the reason why Deana cried like that because of this song was entirely because of Bruce who had been d**d for more than ten years! The lyrics of this song fit Deana’s feelings for Bruce too much.

Deana’s heart was melted by Bruce, crushed by Bruce, swept away by Bruce, and abandoned by Bruce! Deana’s love is completely controlled by Bruce alone! No matter whether Bruce loves her or not, Deana can’t do without him. Even if he physically and spatially leaves him, he never leaves him in his heart! At that moment, Zayne couldn’t help but burst into tears.

He didn’t understand, what magic power does Bruce have, he let his wife love to d*e while he was alive, and after more than ten years of d***h, can he still make his wife d*e alive? ! It was also at that moment that Zayne hated Bruce more, even more hated Bruce than when he was alive! He even wanted to scrape Bruce’s grave and thwart him!

For Deana, she had only loved one person in her life, and that person was Bruce. As for Zayne, it was just a step she found for herself after Bruce got married. At that time, Eastcliff was amazed by Bruce’s wedding of the century, and at the same time expressed pity for Deana.

The strong Deana did not want to be looked down upon, so she agreed to Zayne’s pursuit. However, she didn’t love Zayne from beginning to end. Although after she got married, she has always been a husband and a son, abiding by women’s morals, and has never done anything to go beyond the thunder pond with any man.

But she still doesn’t love Zayne. She didn’t love it on the wedding day. Today, more than 20 years have been married, and she still doesn’t love. It’s not that Deana is cold and ruthless, but that if you don’t love, you don’t love. At this time, looking at Bruce’s photos and thinking about that year, Deana unconsciously shed two more tears.

She put on the bluetooth headset and played the song that can’t do without you again.

Thinking of the song, she murmured in her heart: “Bruce, the two of us are really unfair. I have loved you for nearly forty years. Why are you reluctant to give me a chance from beginning to end? “

If you gave me a chance back then, I wouldn’t do any worse than anyone else.”

“If you gave me a chance back then, you wouldn’t d*e so early.” The song just happened to be sung at this moment.

At this point, Deana thought of this, tears had already burst, and at this moment, her mobile phone suddenly received multiple tweets, one of the most striking is: Japan’s National Security Agency issued an announcement that broke the Banks Family’s shocking s*****l. !


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