The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2217

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2217 – Deana really loves Bruce. Unlike Charlie’s mother, Bruce and Charlie’s mother met when they were studying abroad, and Deana really grew up with Bruce as childhood sweethearts. Both are children of a large family in Eastcliff, and have been studying in the same school since childhood. They go to the best kindergarten, the best elementary school, the best junior high school and the best high school in Eastcliff.

Therefore, the faces of Deana and Bruce in different periods can be found in several graduation photos. Bruce has excelled since he was a child, and Deana felt that he especially liked playing with him when he was in elementary school. When he arrived in junior high school, Deana realized that he fell in love with Bruce.

Since then, her thoughts on Bruce have not changed, and she has never concealed her love for Bruce. When Bruce is running on the stadium, she will definitely cheer by the side; when Bruce is playing guitar and singing on the stage, she will also applaud from below; so, soon, the big family of the four or nine cities My son, everyone knows that Deana likes Bruce.

Coincidentally, the Thorne family and the Wade family have been very close. The old man of the Thorne family and the old man of the Wade family are friends of eight worshippers! Back then, the two elderly people discovered that Deana liked Bruce, almost overjoyed!

The parents of the two families are all trying their best to bring the two together. Deana couldn’t wait to marry Bruce and become his wife. But Bruce alone did not agree. He said that he has always regarded Deana as his own sister, so how can he have children with her.

Elder Wade couldn’t persuade him life and d***h, and slapped him on the face, calling him a b*****d, which delayed Deana for so many years. Bruce’s face hadn’t been swollen before he had gone abroad. Deana did not say a word, packed up her bags and ran after the United States. Unexpectedly, Bruce met Charlie’s mother in the United States and gained his true love.

However, Deana still did not give up. She persisted until the night before Bruce’s wedding. That night, she was still expecting a miracle to happen. Looking forward to Bruce being able to bring his good brothers to his home early the next morning. However, Bruce did not appear in the end. Later, Bruce got married.

He and his wife led the Wade family all the way forward, and Eastcliff praised them as the gods and goddesses made in heaven, but Deana washed away with tears every night. She always felt that she was the woman who loved Bruce the most in this world. Unfortunately, Bruce did not choose to be with her in the end.

Back then, Bruce chose his later wife without hesitation, Deana almost cried out all the tears. However, she wiped away her tears and continued to love Bruce, like a statue, looking through the autumn water, waiting for him to change his mind.

Unfortunately, Bruce did not look back in the end. When Bruce got married, she calmly accepted all this, and then equally calmly accepted Zayne’s crazy pursuit for several years. When Bruce passed away, she cried again. That time, she was sent to the hospital overnight because of excessive sadness.

It’s just that the Banks Family didn’t tell anyone about it, not even Deana’s family members. Zayne didn’t say it because he was afraid of shame. He couldn’t let people know that his wife, his beloved wife, was crying so badly that he almost went with him because of the d***h of another man.

For a long time after that, Zayne had been taking care of her with all his heart, and he did not complain about Deana, because he knew it was unnecessary. Since Bruce was d**d, Bruce would no longer threaten the relationship between the two after his wife cried, so why bother to blame Deana for this?

However, what Bruce didn’t expect was that a few years ago, a satellite TV station in a southern province put up a program called I’m a Singer. Deana, who has always liked music, watched in front of the TV every week. So he watched several issues with Deana.


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