The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2214

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2214 – The same goes for the Japanese Homeland Security Department.

If the Homeland Security Department arrests members of the Self-Defense Force for interrogation on the grounds of threatening national security, even the top commander of the Self-Defense Force has no right to stop or interrogate.

And all the members of the Self-Defense Forces are also very clear that once they get involved with the Homeland Security Department, there is no good thing to do, and they will have to be skinned if they d*e.

Therefore, people in the Self-Defense Force have a natural fear of the Homeland Security Department.

It is precisely because of the reputation of the Department of Homeland Security that among these self-defense team members who were arrested for surprise trials, a few people with insufficient psychological quality soon began to show their feet.

Moreover, the people in the homeland security department are almost all the most elite people in a country.

This group of people is not only extremely capable, but also has been performing various secret tasks. Even in peaceful times, the people in the homeland security department are all battle-tested and battle-tested fighters.

These Self-Defense Force soldiers with little actual combat experience were as innocent and weak as elementary school students in front of them.

Therefore, the Homeland Security Department seized the few self-defense team members who were not good enough to make a fierce a****k and quickly opened a breakthrough.

A few hours later, the context of the entire incident has been sorted out by the Department of Homeland Security.

What made Suzuki Tomohisa very excited was that Nanako Ito was right. The Self-Defense Forces did collude with the Banks Family from China. During the transfer of Xion, Xion was offended.

Not only that, their cheapest operation was to deliberately calculate the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They dropped Xion on the way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to escort her. They dumped all the responsibilities to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department suffered. A huge grievance.

And their motives for uniting with foreign forces and substituting domestic key criminals turned out to be to arrest them again, to seek credit for themselves and social attention!

This irritated Suzuki Tomohisa!

In his opinion, this act of the Self-Defense Force is simply a joint thief who b****d his house, and then put out the bear children who sought praise from their parents!

After clarifying this matter, the Department of Homeland Security immediately convened the cabinet and held an emergency meeting with the cabinet to discuss countermeasures.

The Cabinet was also shocked by this incident!

I never dreamed that there should be such a stupid high-level in the Self-Defense Force, who did nothing for a little merit and recklessness, causing great losses to the country!

Therefore, the Cabinet immediately worked with the Department of Homeland Security to formulate a set of solutions urgently.

First, secretly arrest all SDF executives involved in this matter, and immediately make the case public immediately after the arrest, expounding all the causes and consequences of the Banks Family’s conspiracy with the SDF, and the fact that the Banks Family saved people is fake, and the act is a real show operation!

Second, the Banks Family must be required to deliver Xion to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department within 24 hours, otherwise, all businesses of the Banks Family in Japan will be permanently blocked, and the Banks Family’s immediate family members will always be restricted from entering!

That night.

The three SDF executives involved in the case were arrested in their respective homes.

These three people were awarded by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the Japanese government for successfully arresting Xion and others at Osaka Airport.

But now, these three people have all been reduced to prisoners endangering homeland security.

At the same time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the national security department officially issued an announcement to the world.

A tsunami directed at the Banks Family screamed at this moment!


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