The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2212

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2212 – Speaking of this, Zara continued with a bit of fatigue: “The point is, the only one who has really met the kindness is the two of us, so only the two of us can do this kind of identification work and want to find a helper. It’s impossible…”

Fitz nodded helplessly: “You’re right, let’s hurry up and try to find the clue of your benefactor as soon as possible!”

With that said, Fitz remembered something, and said, “By the way, Zara, I’m going to Aurous Hill in two days. Do you want to be together?”

Zara asked curiously: “What are you going to do in Aurous Hill?”

Fitz said embarrassedly: “I’ve already discussed naming cooperation with Stefanie’s concert. Her first concert of the year will be held in Aurous Hill on the second day of the lunar calendar. I didn’t promise her before. Aurous Hill Charity donated 10 million donations, so I also want to go there in advance. Not only will this 10 million be arranged in place, but also the major welfare homes, orphanages and other charities in Aurous Hill City. According to the actual needs of these institutions, another 20 million donations will be given to them.”

Having said this, Fitz continued with a just and awe-inspiring look: “Since it is doing charity, of course we have to go deeper!”

Zara smiled unkindly and said, “Ho ho, it turned out to be to pursue Stefanie! No wonder you are so active!”

Fitz hurriedly denied: “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m doing charity. Besides, Stefanie won’t go there. I will go by myself. How can I say that I am pursuing Stefanie!”

Zara curled his lips and said, “Oh, you’re still being serious with me, I don’t know you yet? You just want to make this thing more beautiful in advance, and then let Stefanie look at it with admiration? Promise to donate 10 million. As a result of donating 30 million, Stefanie will definitely think that you are a person with a strong sense of social responsibility, and then have a good impression of you, I guess right?”

Fitz said embarrassingly: “You are the smartest, you can’t hide anything from your insight, okay?”

Zara nodded and smiled: “Just admit it.”

Fitz sighed, and said, “Zara, the ancestors have something to say, have you heard of it?”

Zara blurted out, “Sell less, speak straight!”

Fitz said earnestly: “The ancestors said that if you see it through, you can’t tell it. This is the highest state of a smart person.”

Zara said disdainfully: “You don’t need to reach the highest state to talk to you, the general state is enough.”

“You girl!” Fitz sneered angrily, and immediately changed the subject and asked: “Hey, I’ll ask you if you want to go? If you want to go, let’s go together. It just happens that I am not born in Aurous Hill.”

Zara shook his head: “No, I will not go anywhere until I find my benefactor!”

Fitz hurriedly persuaded: “Oh, Zara, you can go with me. The thing to find him is just to identify one by one with the computer. Then we will bring the laptop on the road and the hotel. You can continue to look for your benefactor here, without delay!”

Zara said uninterestedly: “Then I don’t want to go either. You are going to lay the foundation for the pursuit of Stefanie. What am I going to do?”

Fitz asked her back: “You don’t want to go out to get some air? How dignified the atmosphere is at home these past two days. Dad and grandpa have been black all day long, and you still can’t feel it? Take this opportunity to go out quietly for a few days. Is it okay?”

Zara hesitated for a moment, and nodded gently: “That’s what I said, then you can arrange it, just to go out and relax.”


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