The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2206

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2206 – Suzuki Chihisa angrily said: “You help me tell them that there is no progress in this matter. If there is any substantial progress, then I will definitely announce it to the national and even the world media through the press conference.”

The deputy nodded: “Okay Mr. Bankszuki, then I will reply to them first!”

Tomohisa Suzuki stopped him and said, “Oh yes, from now on, no media reporter is allowed to enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department without invitation or permission!”

“Okay, I know!”

After the deputy went out, Tomohisa Suzuki rubbed his temples distractedly, and said to himself: “Hey…As long as you are in danger, you have never had any good things! This case has such a great influence. Not only the people of the whole country are paying attention, but even overseas media are paying attention. If you don’t handle it well, your reputation may be ruined. It’s f*****g tricky!”

Just thinking about it, the phone rang suddenly.

Hearing the ringing of the cell phone, his scalp suddenly numbed, and his veins jumped suddenly.

What he is most afraid of now is answering the phone, not just that various media outlets try their best to find out his mobile phone and want to interview him over the phone.

There are many leaders of government departments who are constantly asking about the progress of the investigation of the entire case.

He is troubled by it.

When I helped her look at the screen of her mobile phone, she realized that it was her brother’s daughter, Nanako Ito.

The Suzuki family and the Ito family were originally family friends.

He and Ito Yuhiko have been close friends since they were young, and they also attended the same university. Although they are not brothers, they are not much worse than their brothers.

Therefore, Nanako Ito seemed to him as his half daughter.

Seeing that it was Nanako Ito’s phone call, his irritable mood was greatly relieved. He connected the phone and squeezed a little smile, and asked, “Nanako, why did you think of calling me?

Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Uncle Suzuki, I heard that you recently transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to investigate the case of Xion’s disappearance?”

“Yes.” Tomohisa Suzuki asked, “Have you heard of Nanako?”

“Yes…” Nanako Ito said, “Uncle Suzuki, have you found any useful clues?”

Tomohisa Suzuki sighed, “So far, there is no clue. This Xion is like the world has evaporated.”

Nanako Ito hesitated for a moment, and said, “Uncle Suzuki, I have a very good friend. When I called me just now, he revealed a little clue to me, so I called you quickly.”

When Tomohisa Suzuki heard this, he immediately asked excitedly: “Nanako, what you said is true? Who is your friend? What clue did he give you?”

Nanako Ito solemnly said, “Uncle Suzuki, I’m sorry about the identity of my friend, I can’t tell you.”

While speaking, Nanako Ito said again: “As for the clue he gave me…he told me that the reason why Xion was quietly transferred was not the problem with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It came from the Banks Family and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.”

“Japan Self-Defense Force?” Tomohisa Suzuki asked in amazement, “Is the Self-Defense Force also involved in this matter?”

“That’s right.” Nanako Ito said: “My friend said that the Banks Family and the Self-Defense Forces united, and Xion left the package, and then deliberately dumped the pot to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.”

Suzuki Tomohisa hurriedly asked, “Then what is their purpose? Do they want to rescue Xion and return to Banks’ house?”

“No.” Nanako Ito said: “Their purpose is to first throw Xion’s scapegoat to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and then the Japanese Self-Defense Force will capture Xion from the sea and give all the credit to the Self-Defense Force. “

“What?!” Suzuki Tomohisa was dumbfounded, and blurted out, “Nanako…you…what you said…is true?!”

Nanako Ito said seriously: “This is what my friend told me. I believe him. He said that if you want to seize this clue, you can use your relationship with the national security department to take the Japanese sea that was patrolled at Tokyo Port yesterday. The members of the Self-Defense Forces are all taken away for quarantine review, and there should be a breakthrough!”


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