The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2188

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2188 – “At that time, if I can actively compensate the families of the three victims and get their understanding, the court will definitely lower the sentence on us, father and son, as appropriate!”

“Just pay him twenty to thirty million for one family. It’s impossible for one family to pay fifty million! The family members who paid the compensation can wake up with a dream, and they will actively issue a letter of understanding and help us father and son intercede with the court!”

Lord Moore also knew very well in his heart that now it is not a feudal society anymore, and the family law of the feudal period is definitely not applicable now.

Therefore, he could not really let people k**l Theodore, Rueben and his son in front of so many people. Moreover, step back ten thousand steps. Regardless of the calculation of the law, Lord Moore did not do anything about it.

He really hates the father and son. However, the blood of the Moore family is flowing through the father and son. The Moore family was originally not prosperous enough. If he really k****d them, let’s not say that he couldn’t bear it, and he would have no face to face his ancestors after d***h.

In fact, this is the case with parents all over the world. Even if you know your child is a ferocious wolf, you can’t wait to cut off your own flesh to feed it. How can you be willing to k**l him yourself?

The old man Moore was very entangled in his heart. At a certain moment, he even thought that he could simply hand over the two people to the judicial organs, and let the judicial organs sentence them to ten or twenty years, or even indefinitely, which would be regarded as k*****g the people.

However, he immediately thought of Charlie again.

He thought to himself: “This time, Master Wade did it because of Jasmine’s face.”

“If I can’t satisfy Master Wade with the result of my handling of this matter, doesn’t it mean that I have offended Master Wade?!”

Thinking of this, he immediately turned to look at Charlie, and said respectfully, “Master Wade! The Moore family suffered from these two evil obstacles. It is all thanks to you to turn the tide, otherwise I, Lord Moore and my granddaughter Jasmine, would be d**d. There is no place for b****l, and now these two evil obstacles are here. If you want to k**l or cut, I will listen to you, Master Wade!”

When Theodore heard this, he kowtows to Charlie, crying and said, “Master Wade, please hold your hands high and hand over our father and son to the judicial authorities!”

Rueben also cried bitterly and pleaded: “Master Wade, our father and son are not worth your time wasting, so you can hand us over to the judiciary and let the law sanction us…”

Rueben also wanted to understand in his heart that although the sentence was painful, as long as he could live is the best.

At that time, I and my dad can spend more money, clear up the relationship, and get some special care in p****n. In this way, life will not be too sad…

Charlie smiled lightly at this time, looked at Jasmine, and asked, “Jasmine, what do you think?”


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