The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2175

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2175 – The longer Jasmine was missing, the more relaxed Theodore’s heart became.

He felt that with the passage of time, Jasmine’s chances of survival have become smaller and smaller.

Rueben is not as open-minded as his dad. He stood aside and asked in a low voice nervously, “Dad, Charlie still has some tricks. We must be careful not to let him see the clues.”

Theodore nodded: “This is natural. All we two have to do is to act well.”

Rueben again said: “By the way, Dad, I still feel a little unsure in my heart these past two days. Where did Jasmine go? How could she not be found or d**d?”

Theodore sneered: “I think Jasmine is probably d**d, but the body has not been found yet.”

Rueben hurriedly asked, “Why are you so sure?”

Theodore said calmly: “Everything pays attention to a survival rate. It’s like a person suddenly disappears. The most likely time to find him is 12 hours before the disappearance.”

“If you didn’t find him 12 hours before you disappeared, the chance of finding him will be slimmer as you go later.”

“If it exceeds 24 hours, the probability of finding him is reduced by at least half;”

“If it takes more than 48 hours, the probability of finding him is probably less than 25%…”

“And with the passage of time, not only will the chance of finding him become increasingly slim, but its survival rate will also become smaller and smaller.”

Speaking of this, Theodore said again: “By the way, you should often see some hot searches about missing persons on TikTok. Some people went out for a run and suddenly disappeared; others got in a car and went to a certain place, and then Also disappeared.”

Rueben nodded: “There are indeed many hot searches like this, and there will be one every once in a while.”

Theodore continued: “Generally speaking, like this, if you can’t find people quickly, the end result will be bad luck.”

“There have been many enthusiastic people all over the Internet who are helping to find people, but after a period of time, the bad news about finding the corpse came.”

“So I think that if Jasmine has been missing for so long, there is a high probability that she should have died.”

“Moreover, people can do it as long as they d*e. There is absolutely no proof of d***h.”

“What’s more, people weren’t k****d by our hands. It was Hashimoto Jin who looked for someone to k**l first, so it’s even more difficult to find our heads. The sky is falling. Isn’t there Hashimoto Kinxian who will stand for us first? If nothing happens, we can sit back and relax. If something happens to him, we can just run away.”

Rueben was relieved and said with a smile: “If this is the case, we will have to contact Hashimoto in the future to ensure that we can grasp his daily dynamics.”

Theodore nodded: “You’re right. For us, Hashimoto Jinxian is a beacon tower. When you see Hashimoto Jinxian on fire and smoking, it proves that we are also in danger. If there is no fire, then we can continue to sit back and relax.”

After all, Theodore took out his cell phone and called Hashimoto Kinxian.

The call was made quickly.

Hashimoto Kinshin often talks about business all over the world, so his mobile phone has opened up a service similar to GSM. No matter which country he goes to, he can access communication through the local mobile network.


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