The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2174

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2174 – At this moment, the helicopter carried by Charlie, Jasmine and others had already arrived in Aurous Hill City.

Because there were Xion and several other Banks Family crew members on the helicopter, Charlie asked the helicopter to send them to Shangri-La.

Isaac Cameron has prepared several very private top-floor rooms for Xion and other Banks Family crew members.

However, Charlie was still somewhat unreasonable about them, so his request to Isaac Cameron was to put these people under house arrest and surveillance.

Including Xion, anyone in Shangri-La can enjoy comprehensive and meticulous check-in services, including meals and accommodation.

However, all telephone calls and external communication methods in their room were cut off, because Charlie temporarily did not allow them to communicate with the outside world.

Xion also knew that Charlie still had to be wary of her now, so naturally she didn’t have any opinions on this.

After setting up Xion and leaving them, Charlie took Jasmine and Hashimoto closer to the Moore Group by helicopter.

At the time of the Moore Group, Theodore had just convened the board of directors. When the meeting ended, he said to everyone: “Everyone will go back to the office and rest for ten minutes. After ten minutes, we will go down to hold the press conference.”

Everyone got up and left, Theodore also stepped back to his vice chairman’s office.

Rueben naturally followed him.

The father and son stopped involuntarily when they passed Jasmine’s chairman’s office.

Theodore looked at the words “chairman’s office” on the door, and there was an eager expectation in his eyes.

He secretly thought in his heart: “I will move into this chairman’s office immediately after I finish the photo for a while! This office of Jasmine is not only large in size, but also facing the Yangtze River. The view of the river with large French windows is so beautiful. How many times better than my office!”

Thinking about this, Theodore said to Rueben: “Rueben, come to my office.”

Rueben nodded: “Good dad.”

When the father and son entered Theodore’s vice chairman’s office, Theodore said, “Isaac Cameron said before that Charlie will come to our press conference.”

“Charlie?!” Rueben asked in surprise, “Dad, Charlie is back?”

Theodore said, “I think what he meant is that he has come back.”

Rueben smiled: “It seems that he went to Japan, but he couldn’t find Jasmine’s whereabouts.”

Theodore sneered: “Why is it so easy to find? The old forest in the deep mountains of Nishitama County is not far from the virgin forest. Jasmine’s body may have been eaten by the d**n beasts.”

Rueben nodded, but said with some worry, “Dad, that Charlie is very close to Jasmine. I am now worried that he will not let go. What if he continues to investigate?”

Theodore curled his lips and said disdainfully, “Let him check it! Check it out as much as you like! Just a little Charlie in Aurous Hill, he’s a little bit capable in Aurous Hill, but he won’t be a f**t in Japan. If he can find out who is ugly, I f*****g chopped off my head for him!”


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