The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2161

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2161 – Seeing Xion recognize his origin, Charlie smiled slightly and said calmly: “Yes, I can indeed be regarded as the Wade family, or the Wade family before.”

Xion thought for a moment and muttered: “Before it was the Wade family, that means you are not in the Wade family now…”

With that said, Xion said with a very shocked expression: “The Wade family is not prosperous at first. I am familiar with every direct descendant. If you are not in the Wade family, then your probability is… ..”

When the words came to her lips, Xion was shocked and couldn’t add anything!

She stared at Charlie, and said in amazement, “Among the direct descendants that the Wade family left, there was only one Bruce, but Bruce died more than 20 years ago. Could it be…are you his Son?”

Charlie’s expression shrank, and he said seriously, “Yes, I am Bruce’s son, Charlie!”


Xion’s whole person seemed to be struck by lightning at this moment.

Although Bruce had passed away before she was born. , But she still knew Bruce’s name.

Not only that, she also knew some of the past between her father Zayne and Bruce. She knew that her father’s biggest rival in this life was Bruce. She also knew that the biggest blow to her father in this life also came from Bruce.

In those days, any person in Eastcliff mentioned Bruce, it was bound to be full of praise and admiration with both hands and thumbs up. And when they mentioned Zayne, everyone showed a bit of regret. Many people lament that Zayne was born at the wrong time, because Bruce was so dazzling that he completely crushed all the style of Zayne.

The so-called yin and yang, used to describe these two people, it is really appropriate.

Xion also knew that her father had not only been suppressed by Bruce, but more importantly, even his wife was one of Bruce’s most loyal suitors.

At that time, her father was struggling to pursue his current wife, but his current wife loved Bruce to d***h. Using an ancient poem to describe Zayne’s situation at that time could not be more appropriate.

That ancient poem is: “I turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.”

It can be said that Zayne’s wife was desperate to chase Bruce and hopeless, and she married Zayne in desperation. Therefore, Zayne has always lived in the shadow of Bruce. Speaking of which, Charlie’s father, Bruce, was definitely the person Zayne hated the most in his life. Xion knew these past events very clearly, but she never dreamed that she would meet Bruce’s son one day.


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