The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2159

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2159 – Xion didn’t expect Charlie to admit the matter of looking at his legs so generously. He was so open and natural, and Xion’s angry mood suddenly seemed a bit at a loss. Xion, who had some accusations against Charlie, suddenly didn’t know what to do. Moreover, the bit of anger in his heart disappeared with his generous confession.

So, she could only give Charlie a shy look, then turned her face away, and whispered with a bit of shame: “If you see enough, please help me treat… “

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Okay, let’s start treatment now.”

Xion asked subconsciously, “Is it enough to watch so soon?”

After finishing talking, I realized that I didn’t seem to be right, so I asked for help in embarrassment: “Uh, no…I didn’t mean that…I mean, if you really have seen enough, Let’s start…”

When she said this, she was somewhat disappointed.

Charlie smiled slightly, and said without shame: “The doctor is kind, although your legs are really beautiful, but I still have to help you deal with the wound quickly.”

After speaking, he held Xion’s t***h with one hand, and took a pair of pliers in the other hand, and said, “The crossbow arrow has barbs. I can only cut it from the tail and pull it away from both sides. It may hurt a bit, you have to bear with it.”

Xion nodded gently: “Come on, I can bear it.”

Charlie gave a hum, and carefully cut the crossbow arrow with pliers, then grabbed the arrow of the crossbow arrow, and said, “This way, I count 123, and then take it out. You are mentally prepared.”

Xion hurriedly said, “Okay!”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “Come on, let’s start, one or two…”

Just after the word was finished, Xion felt a sharp pain in her leg, and the pain caused her to yell immediately, “Oh, it hurts…Don’t you mean to count to three? How to count to two. Just pull it out?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I am a person who likes to be surprised. If you really lose three times, what if you can’t control it and suddenly retract your leg?”

Xion had tears in her painful eye sockets, and said grotesquely: “Then you can’t be so unexpected, I’m almost so painful, and I’m not prepared at all…”

Charlie smiled and said, “How can you say that you are also a tried-and-tested k****r, why can’t you stand this pain?”

Xion said aggrieved: “It was really painful just now. I was injured by this cold weapon. The pain is much more serious than being shot by a bullet…”

Charlie smiled faintly: “The pain is the same thing. It’s all right now. I will debride and sterilize your wound, put some anti-infection medicine, and bandage the wound. It’s basically done.”

Xion could only nod her head and asked, “Would you not sterilize me with alcohol? That will hurt even more…”

Charlie waved his hand: “Alcohol is not suitable for wound sterilization. I will use some iodine for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt as much as alcohol.”

Xion breathed a sigh of relief, and then saw that Charlie brought a bottle full of iodophor, then used metal tweezers to add a clean cotton ball, and then dipped the cotton ball with iodophor and applied it evenly. Above his wounds.

Iodophor is a d**g that is very suitable for debridement and sterilization of wounds, and the pain is indeed much less than that of alcohol.


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