The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2153

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2153 – Seeing Xion’s face full of curiosity, Charlie smiled slightly and said, “This story tells that there is a rich second generation who wants to pursue a big beauty, but this rich second generation is rather picky and doesn’t want to do it for this beauty. Spending too much money, so he pretended to tell this beauty that he wanted to buy her a Ferrari…”

“Then this rich second generation bought the Ferrari sales and let the Ferrari sales accompany him in a scene.”

“When he took the beauties to see the car, the salesman told them that there is no car now, so he can only book first. Then this rich second-generation generation will pretend to be in front of the beauties. Ten thousand deposit, got the contract to book the car.”

“The beauty thought that the Ferrari bought for herself by the rich second generation was already firmly established, so she climbed into the bed of the rich second generation that night and was conquered by the rich second generation.”

“After the rich second generation succeeded, he immediately went to the Ferrari salesperson, returned the one million deposit, and then gave the sales a 20,000 bonus.”

“And that beauty didn’t know it. She didn’t know that the contract signed by him was not a formal contract signed with a 4S shop at all, but a fake contract signed with that salesperson. He did not give her a contract at all. Ferrari, he tried his best to do this scene, just to trick her into sleeping with him.”

“The price of a Ferrari is always more than four or five million, but this rich second generation actually only spent twenty thousand from start to finish, and successfully slept with this beauty. Twenty thousand compared to five million. Not one part of it!”

Xion blurted out and asked, “You…what do you mean by telling me this story?”

Charlie smiled slightly and sighed helplessly: “You, you really look pretty, but this brain is really stupid!”

Xion was a little angry in her heart, but facing Charlie, she dared not show it.

So she could only ask Charlie like a bag of air, “Can you make it clear then?”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “In fact, this story of the rich second generation pretending to buy a car is the same as the Banks Family pretending to save you!”

Charlie said again: “Look, if the Banks Family really wants to buy the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and save you alive, it is not impossible, but the price may be very high!”

“After all, the impact of this incident is extremely significant. Everyone has to weigh the weight of it. Unless the money is particularly large, no one dares to take this risk.”

“I guess, I really want to save you alive. Without a billion dollars, it is impossible to get through the multi-layered relationship between the Japanese judicial department, the customs department, and the Self-Defense Force!”

Having said that, Charlie turned around and smiled: “But! What if you just pretend to save you, but actually don’t let you leave Japan alive? It’s definitely not going to cost you so much, so I guess I will buy a car. Like that story, the actual cost is less than one percent of the expected cost!”

When Xion heard this, deep down in her heart, she immediately felt extremely shocked, and all three views of her whole person collapsed completely at this instant.

Although she didn’t want to believe that everything Charlie said was true, she was not a fool either.

Lord Banks’s intention to k**l her has been indirectly admitted on the phone, and this matter is completely fixed. Therefore, the story Charlie told, and his speculation about the Banks Family, can be said to hit the nail on the head. In her opinion, this story and speculation also perfectly fit the overall context of this matter.

At this moment, her whole heart was ashamed. There were too many tears just now, so at this moment, she even had no tears.

Seeing that she had basically given up her mind, Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Don’t stay here for a long time. We must leave Japan as soon as possible before the Japanese Self-Defense Force has recovered.”

After speaking, he called out all the crew on his ship, pointed to the captain and crew of the Banks Family boat, and ordered: “You guys, take them to the lower cabin and clean the deck. a bit.”


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