The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2132

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2132 – At this time, Zayne, who had been staying next to Lord Banks, hurriedly said: “Dad, at this time, don’t let the extra branches grow. The most important thing is to come back quickly. That person can think of a solution later, but if you leave this time If you can’t escape, there will be no chance again!”

Lord Banks sternly said: “If we leave that person, none of us know his true identity, what if he is an enemy of the Banks Family? What if he has already deliberately planned to deal with our Banks Family in secret?! “

Zayne said, “Dad, we can look for this person slowly in the future. Don’t be in a hurry. If you can meet him today, you will definitely have a chance later. Let Xion come back soon!”

Lord Banks immediately scolded: “A*****e! How come you have lost the overall view?! This person has damaged more than fifty generals of my Banks Family with his own strength! You know how much loss this has brought us. Isn’t it? There are more than a few billions! What if he still has a means against us behind him?!”

Speaking of this, Lord Banks said coldly: “This person is a little fascinating, and his identity is uncertain. If we didn’t meet him today, we might not find him in this life, so we must not miss this opportunity! Otherwise! If you do, it will be a big mistake!”

As soon as Zayne heard this, he immediately knew that the old man had made up his mind, and he definitely couldn’t convince him, so he could only tell Xion over the phone: “Xion, since you want to get him revenge, then dad won’t stop you, listen to your grandpa’s instructions, and be sure to find out his true identity!”

The first time Xion heard Zayne talking to herself as the word “Dad”, she thought of her identity as an illegitimate daughter. Today, she was finally recognized by her biological father. With mixed feelings, she said excitedly: “Dad. You can rest assured that if you leave me, I will go all out!”

Lord Banks also exhorted at this time: “Xion, it is better to be able to catch alive and take him back to Eastcliff directly. I will try him personally!”

Xion immediately said decisively: “Good lord, after I catch him, I will definitely leave him a dog!”

Lord Banks gave a hum, and said, “Okay, you can just let it go and do it yourself!”

After that, he said: “By the way, the few people who picked you up are all my confidants. They are all very skilled. When you act, let them join you, so that the odds of winning will be greater!”

Xion said without hesitation: “Good lord!”

Lord Banks said loudly: “Tell them, if this thing is done well, I will reward it all!”

“I know!”

After hanging up the phone, Xion immediately said to the captain: “Go ahead at full speed and you must catch up with the ship ahead!”

The captain naturally didn’t dare to make a mistake at this time, and immediately nodded and said, “Good Miss Banks!”

After all, maximize the engine thrust!

Several people who had rescued Xion started gearing up at this time because they heard what Lord Banks said.

One of them asked Xion, “Miss Banks, what should we do after we catch up with the other party?”

Xion’s expression was stern, and she sternly said: “When we drive to catch up, we will directly use our side to rub the opponent’s boat and force the opponent to stop the boat!”

The man asked again, “What if the other party doesn’t stop the boat?”

Xion sneered and said, “Don’t stop the boat? No matter if he stops, when we are approaching, we jump directly into their boat! After getting on the boat, we will take everyone except the target person K**l it, sink the ship to the bottom of the sea, and leave nothing else alive!”

Speaking of this, Xion clenched his fists, clenched his neat little white teeth, and said coldly, “In any case, we must catch that guy!”


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