The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2131

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2131 – What Xion had originally thought was that after she successfully left Japan and successfully survived this period of wind, he would seek revenge from that nasty man.

But she never dreamed that at the moment when she was about to leave Japan, she actually let herself on the dock and saw the man that she had always hated!

At this moment, Xion’s blood boiled suddenly.

Her eyes, which were so beautiful that they were breathtaking, were already blood red because of hatred!

At this moment, she had only one thought in her mind: “K**l him! I must k**l him!”

At this time, Charlie, because his eyes and attention were on Nanako Ito sitting in the car, he didn’t notice the commercial car passing by the dock.

Moreover, the business car is one-way light. Xion can see him in the car, but he can’t see Xion, so he didn’t know that at this time, an acquaintance passed him by.

Soon, the tail of Charlie’s cruise ship was stirred by the slowly rotating propeller.

The yacht also slowly leaves the dock with the rotation of the propeller.

After that, the speed of the boat became faster and faster, and it quickly turned into a small light spot in Nanako Ito’s sight, and finally disappeared.

No one noticed that the yacht at the next berth also accelerated away from the dock.

At this moment, in the cockpit of this yacht, Xion gave a cold voice to the captain: “Full horsepower! In any case, we must catch up with the ship ahead!”

The captain hurriedly said: “Miss Banks, our top priority now is to leave Japan’s territorial waters and go to the high seas. Only after reaching the high seas can you be considered safe!”

Xion gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t understand! There is an enemy of mine on that ship, I must k**l him myself!”

The captain said embarrassingly: “Miss Banks, I have taken Master Banks’ order to send you to the high seas as soon as possible without any delay, so I can only wrong you.”

Xion said angrily: “Call me, I want to call the master!”

The captain hesitated for a moment, picked up the satellite phone on the ship, and said, “Miss Banks, then I will call Master Banks now, you can tell him yourself.”

After all, he used the satellite phone to call Lord Banks, the head of the Banks Family.

As soon as the phone was connected, Lord Banks immediately asked, “How are things going?”

The captain hurriedly said: “Master, Miss Banks suddenly said that she wanted to chase and k**l someone, so I called to ask you for advice.”

Lord Banks’s stern voice came: “At this time, she hasn’t left Japan and headed to the high seas to chase and k**l someone? If she gets caught by the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department or the Self-Defense Forces, then the trouble will be big! Japan!”

Xion grabbed the phone and couldn’t wait to say: “Master! I’m Xion! I just met the man who pitted us at the dock! Back in Osaka, he revealed our whereabouts to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. We were all arrested! If I don’t retaliate this hatred, I won’t d*e if I d*e!”

Lord Banks hesitated for a moment, and said: “Okay! If this is the case, let’s solve this problem first! Otherwise, if you leave him in the world, I don’t know if he will continue to pose other threats to my Banks Family!


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