The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2125

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2125 – At this time, Watanabe Shinka She immediately said to Jasmine with a flattering expression: “Miss Moore, Mr. Wade talked with me in depth just now. I also met Mr. Wade immediately, so I decided to readjust our contract terms.”

Jasmine was a little surprised, and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Watanabe, how are you going to make adjustments?”

Watanabe Shinkazu laughed: “In this way, both of us will invest in a ratio of five to five, but in terms of equity allocation, your company holds shares. 60%, our Nippon Steel holds 40%!”

Jasmine was immediately stunned!

She wondered, what is the operation of Watanabe Shinka? !

Why did you give up 10% of the shares all at once?

The next moment, she immediately looked at Charlie and told her instinctively that it must have been during the time she left with him. Charlie had regained this condition with Watanabe Shinwa for herself!

She was shocked in her heart: “What method did Master Wade use to get Watanabe Shinhe to make such a big concession?! In this way, does Master Wade owe Watanabe Shinhe a favor to me?”

Thinking of this, Jasmine felt a little panic. She didn’t actually think about taking advantage of Nippon Steel. In fact, she just wanted a 51% controlling stake. Of course, the controlling rights are not in vain.

Not only will I invest in a 51% proportion, but also provide land and local relations to promote the rapid implementation of cooperative projects. However, at the moment, Nippon Steel is obviously giving itself a huge bargain!

Just when she didn’t know what to do, Charlie said, “Jasmine, since Mr. Watanabe is so sincere, let me tell you to sign the contract now, and when we return to China, we will finish the domestic affairs. Then you can promote cooperation with Mr. Watanabe.”

Jasmine heard this and said hurriedly: “Master Wade, this…is this… suitable…”

Charlie She smiled and said, “There is nothing inappropriate, Mr. Watanabe is very sincere, don’t you want to cooperate again?”

Jasmine hurriedly waved her hand: “No, no, I didn’t mean that…”

Charlie smiled and said: “Then you can sign the contract steadily.”

Watanabe Shinka also hurriedly echoed: “Yes, Ms. Moore, I am looking forward to cooperating with the Moore Group. We signed the contract earlier to save nights and dreams! Good partners like Miss Moore and the Moore Group, I’m really afraid that you won’t cooperate with us and will cooperate with other people instead!”

Jasmine was shocked to the point that she could not add anything.

What Watanabe Shinka said was too much for her and the Moore Group.

To be honest, this is the Moore Group’s rush to cooperate with Nippon Steel, and Nippon Steel is the world’s top steel group, ranked first in Japan, and the world’s top ranking. How could the Moore Group turn to cooperate with others? .

However, Watanabe Shinka said that he had fallen in value and stubbornly praised Jasmine. It could be said that his posture was very low.

Charlie also said at this time: “Jasmine, don’t rush, everyone is still waiting to eat, sign the contract quickly, let’s have dinner, and prepare after eating, and go to the dock to take a boat.”

Jasmine heard He didn’t hesitate any more immediately, and he glanced at Charlie gratefully, and then immediately said to Watanabe Shinka, “Mr. Watanabe, let’s sign the contract now!”

Watanabe Shinka naturally agreed: “Hurry up and sign!”

Ito Yuihiko ordered his staff to prepare a portable printer. Then the two changed the data on the originally prepared contract on the computer, and then printed it out, and both parties signed each other. Made an exchange.

Jasmine is very excited, because with this contract, the Moore Group will definitely make great progress in the future!

If you manage well, you may be able to become the new first family in Eastcliff in the future.


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