The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2089

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2089 – Hearing that Master Wade had come to Tokyo, Rueben trembled with fear!

He had never expected that Master Wade would be in Tokyo!

He knew that Jasmine was easy to deal with, and so was the old man, but Master Wade, was by no means an easy man to deal with!

So, when he heard about this, his entire body panicked.

Master Moore on the other end of the phone was a little surprised and asked him, “Rueben, what’s wrong with you? What’s all the fuss about?”

Only then did Rueben come back to his senses, forcing down the tension in his heart and spoke, “Grandpa, what is Master Wade doing here? I kind of can’t believe it, is he here for the Jasmine thing?”

Master Moore gave a hmmm and said, “Master Wade is a righteous man, Jasmine and Master Wade have always had a good relationship, now that something has happened to her, Master Wade rushed to Tokyo at the first time, it shows how much Master Wade values her, with Master Wade’s help, the chances of finding Jasmine are much higher!”

Rueben hates madness in his heart!

He roared inwardly, “S**t! Charlie, this b*****d, what kind of Tokyo is he coming to at this time! What’s he doing in Tokyo when he’s not at home with his wife? Tokyo can’t turn without him, can it?!”

Charlie’s skill was clear to Rueben.

That was why he was worried.

On the one hand, he was worried about exposing himself in front of Charlie; on the other hand, he was also worried about whether Charlie could really find Jasmine out.

If he really rescued Jasmine, what would he do?

At that moment, Master Moore saw his half-hearted lack of response and opened his mouth to ask, “Rueben? Are you still listening?”

Rueben was busy saying, “Listening, I’m listening!”

After saying that, he quickly stated his position again, “Grandpa, it’s great that Master Wade can come! I’m so much more at ease with this!”

Moore said, “Yes! As soon as I heard Master Wade say that he has arrived in Tokyo, this heart did become more solid all of a sudden, I believe that with Master Wade here, Jasmine will definitely be able to turn good fortune into good fortune.”

Rueben could only echo, “Grandpa you are right, I also feel that with Master Wade here, Jasmine she will definitely be safe!”

Master Moore laughed twice in a rare way and said, “Rueben, when you hang up the phone later, you will immediately call Master Wade and then hurry to meet with him, from now on you will have to do everything he tells you to do in Tokyo, understand?”

Rueben said without hesitation, “Grandpa don’t worry, I’ll definitely be at Master Wade’s head!”

Master Moore said with satisfaction, “Just have this awareness, hurry up and give him a call!”

Rueben was busy saying, “Okay Grandpa! I’ll hang up then!”


Rueben hung up the old man’s phone, and his whole body went blue with anger!

He couldn’t control his emotions and smashed his fist on the tempered glass coffee table all at once!

At the same time, his right hand was also cut by the glass, and there were several b****y cuts on it.

Rueben couldn’t care about the pain at all, he was now full of anger and tension.

He already hated Charlie to the bone, and in his heart, he thought, “This Charlie! Meddling in meddling is too lenient!”

“Do you really think you’re in charge of the sky and the air just because people call you Master Wade?!”

“The Moore family’s business is my son’s family business, so why are you meddling in it?!”


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