The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2079

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2079 – When Charlie and Jasmine were together, taking the Ito family’s helicopter back to downtown Tokyo, Rueben was in the Tokyo Police Department, already somewhat unable to sit still.

He was incomparably nervous at this time, and surmised, “Jasmine is still alive or d**d, and has not found any whereabouts for several hours, and if we delay any longer, it will be dawn, and if we still can’t find her then, then this matter will be really tricky!”

“Jasmine’s corpse should have stayed honestly in that commercial vehicle, but instead, she has mysteriously disappeared and disappeared into the vast mountains, is she now d**d or alive?”

Rueben was very worried because he was afraid that Jasmine wasn’t d**d.

Because, as long as Jasmine didn’t d*e, then the lie that New Nippon Steel’s Vice Mr. Hashimoto Konzen had concocted to Jasmine before would be completely debunked.

After all, this matter is Hashimoto Konzen’s own initiative, on the one hand, to seek more profit space for Nippon Steel, but also for his own personal interests.

That’s why he had cooperated with Rueben to deceive Jasmine, saying that she was told to go to West Domo County to find the chairman of the board to sign the contract, but in fact, the chairman of New Nippon Steel didn’t even know about it.

If Jasmine was still alive, as soon as the police asked her why she had gone to West Domo County, it would be a complete shambles.

At that time, the Japanese police would definitely arrest Hashimoto Konzen at the first opportunity.

The police will then arrest Hashimoto for m****r, one of the most serious crimes in Japan, and with three people d**d, Hashimoto will not hesitate to betray Moore.

At that time, the m****r of Jasmine by her father and son will be revealed to the world.

At this moment, Hashimoto is also pacing nervously in his own home.

The members of the team responsible for assassinating Jasmine were standing in front of him.

These people are standing side by side in front of the sofa, one by one, with their heads down, not daring to look at Hashimoto Konzen.

Hashimoto had just made a phone call to a friend from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, asking for an update on the latest developments.

After learning that Jasmine’s fate was still unknown, he was as nervous as Rueben.

He knew very well that if Jasmine was still alive, he would be the first to suffer bad luck!

So, he angrily walked up to these people and smacked them one by one directly with his big mouth, cursing furiously, “You bunch of i***t! Rubbish! What’s the use of raising you? Such a simple thing can’t be done!”

Several people you look at me, I look at you, no one dared to open their mouths to pick up the fight.

Hashimoto Kensen saw them all silent, even more angry gnashing of teeth: “A bunch of trash! You can’t even k**l a woman! You’ve caused me so much trouble! If I’m f*****g exposed, none of you will escape!”


Twenty minutes later.

The helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the Ito family’s mansion.

Ito Yuuhiko, who had lost both his legs, was pushed by his sister Ito Emi and was already waiting in the courtyard.

As soon as the helicopter landed, Ito Emi immediately pushed Ito Yuuhiko to the outside of the cabin.

Charlie just happened to be one step ahead of the helicopter at this time and reached out to assist Jasmine down as well.

Nanako followed behind Jasmine to get off the plane, seeing that Charlie reached out to help Jasmine down, her heart was slightly jealous, but more envious.


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