The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2059

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2059 – Rueben took the initiative to go to Japan, and Master Moore’s heart was more or less comforted.

He even surmised in his heart, “Rueben and Jasmine are not brother and sister, but it is indeed very rare for Rueben to be so attentive to Jasmine…”

Thinking of this, he sighed lightly and spoke, “Rueben, you go arrange for a plane, I’ll go with you!”

Rueben hurriedly said, “Grandpa, you don’t have to follow along, you’re old, you don’t know the place well when you go over there, it will be even more troublesome in case something happens again, and my father he’s still abroad, Aurous Hill side can’t be left without someone to sit on the town, your old man just stay at home, I’ll find a way to bring Jasmine back!”

Moore was slightly hesitant, and he knew in his heart that it would be really hard to make a difference if he went over there.

Moreover, if both himself and Rueben went to Japan, the Moore Group would be left without a leader.

After all, it is a big family of hundreds of billions of dollars, even during the holidays, every day to deal with the various affairs is very tedious, if there really is no one in charge to stay here to guard, in case of any situation, it is likely to cause great losses.

Thus, Master Moore nodded slightly and said, “That’s fine! Then I’ll stay at home, you pick some competent people as soon as possible and hurry up and leave as soon as possible!”

Rueben immediately said, “Grandpa don’t worry! I’ll arrange it!”

Immediately afterwards, Rueben made a phone call and summoned several assistants, as well as more than a dozen bodyguards, as well as arranged for an airport flight to take off directly for Japan an hour later.

Master Moore also called Charlie back and said to Charlie, “Master Wade, Jasmine and the people around her are all unreachable, I’m afraid that something has happened to them, I’ve arranged for Rueben to leave immediately and head to Tokyo!”

Charlie asked on the other end of the phone, “No clues at all?”

Master Moore sighed, “Yeah, there’s no clue whatsoever, I had someone ask the hotel, and the hotel only said that they left by car more than an hour ago, but where they went, no one knows.”

Charlie asked again, “Didn’t Jasmine tell you guys what she was going out to do?”

“No…” Moore said with great sadness, “Jasmine returned to the hotel from New Japan Rail in the evening, told me about the progress of the negotiations, and said that she might continue to communicate with them tomorrow, but where she went tonight, I have no idea, and she never mentioned a single word.”

It had to be said that Rueben was indeed extremely clever in setting up the game.

Back when Jasmine’s negotiations with New Japan Railway’s Hashimoto Konzen had been continually thwarted, he had been constantly encouraging Jasmine, giving Jasmine chicken blood and making Jasmine even more eager for success.

In the afternoon, he deliberately says “I’ll probably get a surprise in the morning”, which is a so-called “blessing” that gives Jasmine a psychological hint.

So much so that after receiving a call from Hashimoto to sign the contract, Jasmine naturally thought of a surprise for her family, so when she left the hotel, she didn’t tell anyone other than her companions about her trip.

This was just what Rueben wanted.

At this moment, Charlie was very worried.

When he heard that Rueben was going to Japan, he didn’t think much about it and certainly didn’t have any doubts about Rueben.

He just felt that since Jasmine’s whereabouts were unknown in Tokyo, the most important thing he should do now was to get help from someone who was in Tokyo and quickly follow the clues from the hotel where Jasmine was staying to find out where Jasmine had gone after leaving the hotel.

Thus, he hung up on Moore first, and then called Nanako.


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