The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2051

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2051 – At this moment, Jasmine was in a very bored mood.

She didn’t expect that New Japan Railway would be so difficult to work with.

Moreover, throughout the entire negotiation process, she had been very passive and had prepared so many hands of cards, and had failed to finalize the cooperation until the last card was also lifted.

She now had a very strong sense of frustration within her.

And she also had a premonition that she always felt that it would be difficult to fight for the results she wanted in this negotiation.

Maybe, this time it was going to be futile.

On the way back to the hotel, she told her family about her suspicions.

Although Master Moore was a little disappointed, he was still very encouraging and said to her, “Jasmine, this time with New Nippon Steel, you should not have too much pressure, it’s good if this matter is negotiated, but if it is not, it’s no loss to us, it’s just a little less profit, it doesn’t matter.”

Rueben also sent a message, saying, “Yeah Jasmine, New Japan Railway, this company is famous for being hard to chew, there are so many companies in China that want to cooperate with them in depth, but none of them really talk, so there is nothing to lose on your side even if it really doesn’t work out.”

Rueben’s words instantly stirred up the potentially winning spirit within Jasmine’s heart.

She felt that the more things that so many people, so many companies had failed to reach, the more she wanted to take them down!

Otherwise, she would have become one of the countless losers.

However, the current situation wasn’t too clear, so Jasmine didn’t dare to say anything too confident, so she said in the group, “I’ll make one last effort tomorrow, success or no success, forget it.”

Moore said, “It’s fine, don’t take success or failure too seriously, grandpa doesn’t want you to aggravate yourself for the sake of business, understand?”

Jasmine felt a little more comfort in her heart and replied, “Okay grandpa, I know.”

Rueben smiled at this time and said, “Jasmine, brother believes in your ability, brother believes that when he wakes up tomorrow morning, he will be waiting for the good news that you have successfully signed the contract!”

Jasmine knew that this was her brother comforting her, so she sent a smiling expression and said, “Brother, I’ll lend you my good fortune then!”

Back at the hotel, Jasmine had been a bit bored, so she didn’t even eat dinner, just stayed alone in her room, repeatedly combing through the plan she had written, trying to find out from it the reason why she had failed to impress New Nippon Steel.

Due to her excessive immersion, Jasmine didn’t realize that it was already ten o’clock at night.

At that moment, her doorbell rang.

She stood up, walked to the door, looked through the cat’s eyes, and found that it was her personal assistant.

Outside the door, the young female assistant spoke up, “Lady Moore, you haven’t eaten anything at night, you must be hungry, do you want me to order you some food from the catering department and have them bring it to your room?”

Jasmine also did feel a bit hungry, so she nodded her head and said, “Okay, you can order some for me at random.”

Saying that, Jasmine then asked, “Have you guys eaten yet?”

The female assistant nodded, “We’ve all eaten.”

Jasmine smiled slightly and said, “That’s good.”

Twenty minutes later, the hotel’s waiter pushed the food cart and delivered the dinner the assistant had ordered for Jasmine to her room.

Jasmine closed her computer and was just about to sit down for a couple of bites when she suddenly received a phone call from Hashimoto Kon first.


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