The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2041

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2041 – It was not easy for Lady Wilson to have a full meal and a good night’s sleep.

But she didn’t expect the door to be kicked open early in the morning by an angry Gena!

Before Mrs. Wilson could react, Gena rushed directly to the bed and smacked her in the face, scolding her angrily, “You d**d old woman, you even dared to steal the rice inside the incense burner used by my mother to give incense to the Buddha, are you still a human being you?”

Lady Wilson was dizzy from the slap, and then looking at Gena’s face which was near at hand, filled with anger, she was scared out of her wits and begged, “Gena, I’m sorry, Gena! I don’t want to steal from you either, but I’m just so hungry…”

Gena was furious and snapped through gritted teeth, “Your hunger is your problem, what does it have to do with me? That incense burner is used by me to give incense to the Buddha, and you’re disrespecting the Buddha by stealing the rice in there! In case anger comes down, you’re just getting me into trouble!”

Lady Wilson couldn’t help but choke up, “Gena…. It’s the New Year…. You can’t just stand by and watch me, an old woman, starve to d***h in this house, can you? If I really starve to d***h in this house, how do you think you’ll ever live here again? Does it make you feel better to lie in your upstairs bedroom every night and just think about me starving to d***h in this room downstairs from you?”

Saying that, Lady Wilson said in tears, “Gena…. Think of it as saving my old life. Didn’t the Buddha say? Saving someone’s life is better than creating a seven-stage pagoda, and this is considered to be a merit!”

Although Gena’s expression had softened a little, she still snapped in a cold voice, “For the sake of the Buddha, I can forgive you for stealing the rice, but you must save yourself and pay a price for your actions!”

Lady Wilson hurriedly asked, “Gena, what price do you want me to pay?”

Gena coldly said, “You honestly give the three of us a day to wash our clothes today, and I’ll forget this ever happened!”

As soon as Lady Wilson heard this, she immediately begged, “Gena, I was not feeling well and unable to work at the supermarket yesterday, that’s why I stole your rice, I have to go to work today if I say anything, otherwise our family of four will be left without rations again today…”

“That I don’t care!” Gena said in exasperation, “Either you wash our clothes, or you give me back the rice you ate from me, and I won’t blackmail you, just give me back as much as you ate, just fill the incense burner again!”

Lady Wilson wept, “Gena, all the rice has been cooked in the pot by me, what should I take back to you now? How about this, you let me go to work at the supermarket today, and I’ll buy rice back to you right after I get the money from work, okay?”

“No!” Gena did not back down and said, “If you choose to return the rice to me, then give it back now, or else, get the h**l out of here and go wash my clothes!”

Saying that, Gena threatened again, “If you don’t eat the forfeit wine, then don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Lady Wilson saw Gena’s fierce expression and knew that this woman was definitely not joking with herself.

Now that she was alone, how could she be a match for her?

So, Lady Wilson could only nod tearfully and choke out, “Okay…. I’ll wash…. I’m going to wash it…”

On this first day of the Chinese New Year, Lady Wilson’s family of four did not drip rice.

The three of them, Gena, threw a pile of d***y clothes as well as bed covers to Lady Wilson, demanding that she must finish washing everything today.

So the Lady had no time at all to go out and earn money.

Wendy, on the other hand, was also completely unable to get away because she had to take care of the injured bedridden Christopher and Harold’s father and son.


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