The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2032

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2032 – However, she didn’t immediately deny it, nor did she run away on the spot, but instead placed her hands in front of her body and bowed deeply, “Father, I know!”

Ito Yuhiko smiled happily and said, “I’m getting old, I can’t feel the cold air when it’s blowing a little, I’m going home to rest, you should go to bed early too.”

Nanako was busy saying, “Father, I’ll see you off.”

Ito Yuhiko waved his hand, “No need, if you like to meditate, you can meditate some more.”

Saying that, he took control of the electric wheelchair, spun halfway around in place, and went back to his room.

Nanako watched her father’s back disappear at the end of the corridor, feeling her face still b**n with heat, so she gently covered her hands over the thick snow, followed by covering her face with her hands.

The cold hands brought down the temperature of her cheeks quite a bit, and allowed Nanako’s heart to grow calm.

A moment later, she stretched out her hand again and used her fingers to write Charlie’s name in the snow.

After that, she held her chin with both hands and watched the snowflakes fall on those words one by one, until they became more and more blurred and finally disappeared.

It was only at this moment that she slowly stood up and returned to her room.



Osaka, Japan, which was only a few dozen kilometers away from Kyoto.

A one-armed woman, led by a few Japanese self-defense soldiers, arrived at the self-defense garrison in Osaka.

This one-armed woman, whose surname was Elms, was the first daughter of the four great ancient martial arts families in China.

She was Xion Banks’ biological mother, Kairi.

Since the time difference in Japan was an hour faster than at home, it was already ten o’clock at night in Osaka at this moment.

Kairi was led by a soldier and passed through a stringent security check before finally entering the Self-Defense Force garrison.

The soldier then led her down from a building in a high speed elevator.

The high-speed elevator stopped at a depth of fifty meters underground.

This was the Osaka Self-Defense Force’s triple defense underground base.

The civilian term for triple-proofing is waterproof, dustproof, and fall-proof.

The military triple defense, on the other hand, refers to protection against nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons, and chemical weapons.

So, this triple defense base is the most heavily defended area in Osaka by the SDF.

Now, this triple defense base is used for other purposes, including Xion, more than fifty experts of the Banks Family are all detained here, it is heavily guarded and can effectively prevent them from escaping from p****n.

After Kairi was brought in, she was placed directly into an airtight room.

The iron door of this room was twenty centimeters thick, and it was much stronger than a bank vault.

After she sat down in the room, a Japanese soldier reminded her in a low voice, “The people will be here in a moment, you only have five minutes.”

Kairi nodded hurriedly and said seriously, “Thank you!”

Without another word, the soldier turned around and left the room, and a minute later, a young woman with metal shackles on her hands and feet walked in, led by two soldiers.

This young woman looked somewhat gloomy and her eyes were full of coldness.

However, after she entered the room, her cold and steely eyes immediately stared up in surprise, followed by two hot tears rolling down her face.

She looked at Kairi who was also crying silently before her eyes and choked out, “Mom…”

Kairi quickly took two steps and held her in her arms with one hand, gently stroking the back of her head as he said with immense love and affection, “Xion, you’ve suffered…”


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