The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2011

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2011 – Sam suddenly asked a question, making Loreen unable to cover up in time, and the whole person was embarrassed, saying, “You…. You…….. You don’t talk nonsense, I…. I don’t like Charlie!”

“I don’t believe you!” Sam trailed off, “I’ve been picking up girls for so many years, I know women no better, and with the way you’re looking right now, you must be secretly in love with Charlie!”

Loreen pretended to be impatient and said, “Oh my, whatever you think, I’m not bothering to talk to you.”

Sam reminded, “Loreen, Charlie is married, you better stay away from him, otherwise if it gets out that the Thomas family’s eldest daughter likes a married man, the Thomas family’s face will be disgraced by you!”

When Loreen heard this, she got angry and took off, “You still have the nerve to talk about me? You swallowed your own necklace to do the surgery thing is all over the city, the whole Eastcliff who does not know ah, then you wore a green helmet, pedal a big two-eight all the way from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, the whole Eastcliff is even more nobody knows, nobody knows, why do not you yourself say that the Thomas family’s face is disgraced by you?”

“I….” Sam felt shame on his face and a fire in his stomach, and said in exasperation, “Loreen, is it necessary? Do you have to hurt each other with me?”

Loreen asked him back, “Who told you to talk about me?”

Sam sighed helplessly and said, “Gotta! I really get it, you just have a crush on Charlie…”

Saying that, he muttered depressingly, “It’s f*****g weird! Where the h**l is Charlie, a married man, good? Why do you all like him? Have all the other men in the world died?”

Loreen also no longer hid the fact that she liked Charlie and asked curiously, “Who else likes him?”

Sam was upset, “That’s Jasmine of the Aurous Hill Moore Family! Why did I s*****w the necklace last time, wasn’t it because it was Jasmine’s birthday? I wanted to chase her down and the two families even arrange a marriage, but I didn’t expect that she wouldn’t even bother to look at me the whole time, her attention was all focused on that Charlie, that’s why I was so angry that I choked up with Charlie…”

Loreen exclaimed, “No way! Jasmine likes Charlie? Brother, you’re kidding me, right?”

Sam said, depressed, “Can I still lie to you? What’s in it for me? To be honest I quite like Jasmine, and now that she’s become the head of the Moore family again, it would be a great help to the Kilgore family if she could marry me, but I didn’t expect her to look down on me!”

Jasmine’s beautiful and touching appearance immediately came to her mind.

Although Loreen was also the eldest daughter of a big family, she was really very lacking in confidence in front of Jasmine.

Firstly, the strength of the Moore family wasn’t weaker than the Thomas family, and secondly, people Jasmine was indeed a rare top-notch beauty, not only was she extremely beautiful, but her temperament was also very good, and she was definitely an impeccable top-notch beauty.

Loreen even felt that Jasmine was truly the number one beauty in Aurous Hill, and although Claire’s looks weren’t inferior to Jasmine’s, Claire was still a cut below Jasmine, a lady’s daughter, in terms of temperament.

And what was even better was that Jasmine had now become the head of the Moore family.

This wasn’t something that a big lady could compare to, after all, most big ladies of big families were outsiders who would marry out in the future, and no big family would hand over the family inheritance to a woman.

But the Moore family was partial to doing so.

Jasmine was now in charge of a hundred billion dollar big family by herself, and was definitely the top female tycoon in the country.

Even Stefanie hadn’t actually inherited the Sun family yet, so to really talk about her worth, the current Jasmine would even be above Stefanie!

This kind of a super beauty, but also like Charlie, this time let Loreen aware of the strong competitive pressure.

The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of the old man’s body, and then you’ll be able to get rid of him. Why is he so popular?”


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