The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2000

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 2000 – “Others have been looking at this, thinking about that, thinking about that and thinking about this, picking and choosing among 10,000 others, but ended up picking a pile of s**t instead….”

“In favor of this Claire, who doesn’t compete or pick and choose, the old man arranged for her to marry a stinky s**t…”

“Who would have thought that stinky s**t could one day turn to gold…”

Wendy nodded her head and said seriously, “If there is a chance, I must get closer to Charlie, even if he doesn’t look down on me, it’s good to give our family a little help more or less, at a time like this, no one outside can be relied on, one is not as good as Charlie…”

Hannah sighed and said, “Suit yourself, mom just got excited and is even more hungry, help me go back to the house and lie down for a while, wait for your grandmother to finish her shift and we’ll have food…”


Lady Wilson has been pulling plastic bags for customers at the supermarket all day.

It’s the kind of plastic bag that you find in supermarkets, and when you pull on it, it generates static electricity.

However, Old Lady Wilson was quite content. Because at noon she had a free lunch from the supermarket’s employee cafeteria. This is the most delicious meal Lady Wilson has ever eaten in her life. The food is nothing special, not only is it not very good, but it’s not very greasy. But Old Lady Wilson has been hungry for too long.

At such times, giving her a bowl of white rice, that’s already equal to the delicacy of heaven’s grace, and if you add a meat and vegetable dish or two, it’s really refreshing to the soul. It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time. On the contrary, the old woman was also gradually feeling somewhat amused.

Busy until 5:00 p.m., it was supposed to be the end of the day, and the foreman came and gave her a hundred dollars and said to her, “Lady, what a great job you’ve done today, will you come back tomorrow? Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, noon is the time of greatest shortage, if you come tomorrow, pay two hundred a day!”

“Really?” Lady Wilson was overjoyed as she carefully pocketed the hundred dollars and said excitedly, “Then I’ll come back tomorrow!”

The foreman nodded in satisfaction, “That’s fine, then you can go back to rest first, tomorrow is still nine in the morning.”

Lady Wilson agreed excitedly, then she suddenly remembered something and spoke up, “Foreman, what time does our cafeteria open in the afternoon?”

The foreman said, “Dinner is at 6pm.”

Lady Wilson was busy asking, “Then…. Can I go to the cafeteria for another meal then?”

The foreman said with some difficulty, “But an employee is issued one meal coupon and managed one meal a day, but didn’t you already receive a meal coupon at noon?”

When Old Lady Wilson heard this, she nodded her head somewhat lost, “Alright then, I’ll come back tomorrow then!”

When the foreman saw her lost look, he couldn’t bear to see her and said, “How about this Lady, you work overtime until seven o’clock, I’ll apply to the manager and give you a meal coupon, then you go to the canteen and eat before you go home, do you think it’s okay?”

Lady Wilson was thrilled to hear this, and surmised, “Two more hours of pulling plastic bags, and then you can have another meal? Then of course I’ll say yes!”

So she was so excited that she said, “Good foreman! Thank you Foreman!”


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